British pamphlets encouraging children to trust pedophiles? this is russian propaganda

Russian websites and internet users spread a montage to defame the West

Some may not know it, but the Internet and social networks are one of the current scenarios for a form of war based on propaganda.

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An alleged British brochure published by a Spanish tweeter

Today at 3:24pm CET, a Spanish Twitter account posted a message with the following text: ,Children in the UK are taught not to be afraid of pedophiles, but to be friends with them. There is only one way to take action against them and you already know what it is., The message included several pictures of brochures in English, titled “What to do if a stranger comes across the street in front of you?” (What to do if a stranger approaches you on the street?) The pictures show that the brochure Encourages children to trust strangers and not to call them “pedophiles” (Noting that the word could be “offensive”).

British pamphlets encouraging children to trust pedophiles? this is russian propaganda

The message spread quickly. Despite the fact that the account that published it (created in April 2022 and emitting pro-Russian messages) does not reach 2,000 followers, it was shared by more than 100 Twitter accounts just three hours after its publication. Already happened. Shocked by what the photos showed, many people shared the tweet without verifying it.

things that don’t add up to that post

The first thing that caught my attention in the brochure is that It does not show any logo or credentials of the entity that has published it. In fact, beyond the language, there is nothing to tell us that this brochure was published in the UK. Too, The brochure is a triptych, but only five of its six sides are shown. Where is the sixth face? Why was it not shown?

Some images that have been circulating Russian websites and internet users

Google allows you to search for the source of an image. I entered one of the images in that brochure into a search engine and, incidentally, most of the sources for that image are Russian websites and social media accounts. There is not a single British source, some are curious. Finally, I’ve found a Russian website that shows all six aspects of a brochure. The Sixth Face encourages children to invite the stranger into their home. This is complete nonsense, and that’s probably why most of the broadcasters of those images They have omitted it, as it undermines the credibility of the montage.

remarkably, There is no logo or credential on either side of the brochure indicating who published it., The lower bar of the respective face is hidden in the two photos. clearly, If this brochure were from an official institution, its diffusers would be the first ones interested in showing the logo. But it is nothing like that. This is a brochure that anyone and in any country could have made. and by chance, Almost all broadcasters have Russian or pro-Russian websites or social media accounts.

The source of these images is a Moscow website

Finally, I have found the oldest source of these images:, a Russian website based in Moscow. It is a website that collects alleged information from different countries. The publisher of that information, released this Monday at 09:50, indicates next to the German flag as “Asgard”. After showing the pictures, A text appears in Russian which states: “In the UK, children are taught not to be afraid of pedophiles.” After quoting the messages from the pamphlet, the text adds: ,This brochure is distributed in British kindergartens,

Even then, When signing in and the title of the Google brochure Doesn’t show any result. That leaflet is distributed in UK kindergartens and none of the disgraced families have written anything about it? Hasn’t it even appeared in the media?

A propaganda campaign to defame the West

Everything indicates that we are facing another new Russian propaganda campaign. It is not the first nor will be the last, and like others launched from Russia, it is aimed at discrediting countries that are helping Ukraine, presenting the west as something corrupt and demonicTo reinforce the distorted image of Russian citizens in Western countries after many years of such propaganda.

facing out, The campaign will try to influence the Western masses in favor of Russia, presented by Russian preachers as a spiritual reserve against a corrupt West (despite the fact that Russia has a high rate of abortion and its troops are committing all kinds of atrocities in Ukraine). Of course, many people will swallow that montage. Ultimately, There are many people who believe in anything out of intimacy, no matter how crazy, and in Moscow they take advantage of that.


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