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Sunday, February 28, 2021

British scientists made Nasal Spray to protect from corona, will be able to use this way

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Nasal Spray against COVID: Vaccination campaign is going on in many countries of the world to protect against coronavirus. These countries include countries like Britain, America, India, Canada and Brazil. But even then there is no decrease in corona virus cases in some countries including America and Britain. In Britain, even after strict lockdown, cases of infection are increasing and new strains are being found.

Due to this, the scientists here have made a special ‘Nasal Spray’ against the corona. Scientists at the University of Buckingham, UK, have finalized a ‘nasal spray’ that can prevent the corona virus infection for two days. It is expected to be available in drug stores in a few months. It has been claimed in a newspaper on Sunday.

Many problems will be solved

The lead researcher of the study team, Dr. Research Mox, told ‘The Sunday Telegraph’ that he is confident of getting rid of social distance restrictions and helping to reopen schools. No name has been given to ‘nasal spray’ yet, although the chemicals used to make it are approved for medical use and are safe for use by humans.

Will be used every 20 minutes

Mocks said, ‘We are expecting it to be available by the summer season.’ The study team believes that using this spray four times a day will protect it from corona virus infection and can be used every 20 minutes in densely populated places such as schools and at high risk locations.

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