Brock Purdy intends to upset Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

Brock Purdy intends to upset Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

As expected, the quarterback’s San Francisco 49ers.brock purdy wants to take home the trophy Super Bowl No problem, next Sunday’s game Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas But there is also a purely sporting motivation added, although this has little to do with the primary activity. NFL Yes, it’s part of the agenda that, whether good or bad, everyone is talking about in the league kansas city chiefs And their player Travis Kelce. his name is Taylor Swift.

This shows that the successful singer has become a punching bag for ‘Mr.’ ‘Irrelevant’, even without naming it, because during the inaugural media day super sundaea journalist asked him direct question to qb: Are you ready to upset Swift to win the game? and Purdy simply replied “Yes”, after which many people reacted with laughter and even applause, Patrick Mahomes included So the player decided to stop the train forcefully “We’ll leave it there.”

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Swifty narrative

It’s a fact that’s included in this year’s Super Bowl equation The Grammy-winning singer in the most recent installment Like it or not, he was part of it Media story around the chiefs for them throughout the campaign Romantic relationship with Kelsey That is why it is unthinkable to do without it in the big game, because it has been very profitable for almost everyone, although to a lesser extent. Most conservative fans of the tackling game.

And it is understandable that a player who has graduated iowa state Which is a major part of what led to the arrival of Gambusino. Super Bowl LVIII, Also try to attract attention by citing a figure that shook the world. NFL,

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Inside the field

But aside from that, the 49ers. They have shown that within the grid they will be It’s a tough challenge for Mahomes, Kelce and company They don’t know how to sing, but they know how to play.

Whereas The cameras will definitely focus on Taylor in the box, the Vince Lombardi Trophy will be won on the field, He doesn’t change.


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