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Monday, March 8, 2021

Broken teeth, cut throat, half of clothes on body: 8-year-old girl brutally murdered in Kolkata

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A case of brutally killing an 8-year-old girl has come to light on Thursday (February 5, 2021) in Jorgangan, Kolkata. The girl went to visit her maternal uncle’s house on Wednesday. She went missing in the evening the same day. After searching a lot, his body was found in a building on Thursday. Reportedly, the girl had half her clothes on her body. His throat was severed. Teeth were broken and hair was scratched. His condition was as if he had been sexually assaulted.

The investigating officer said, “A blood-stained knife at the scene, the girl’s four teeth, a bunch of hair clearly states that the girl must have fought the killer a lot before she died.” He also said that whether the child has been raped or not will be known after the report. It seems that the killers knew the girl beforehand.

The maternal uncle of the deceased told that she used to study in third class and came to meet her grandmother on Wednesday. But when she disappeared at around 8 pm, a search was started for her. On Thursday morning, a local went to the roof of the neighborhood and told that the girl was here. After this, the child’s father ran away after receiving a call from the police. He says looking at her, “I knew that everything was over now.” I can only ask for justice. “

Some people on police Blaming That the police did not start searching for the girl at the right time. According to the investigating officer, the preliminary investigation says that after the girl’s disappearance on Wednesday, she was sexually assaulted and later murdered by a man or a group.

Please tell that there is a lot of anger among the locals about the incident. During this time there has also been talk of skirmish. Both BJP and TMC have accused them of politicizing the case. BJP leader Amit Malviya has tweeted about the deteriorating law and order in Bengal. He questioned Mamata Banerjee’s silence and said that the rising crime against women is still a matter of concern. In the same state, the Minister of Women and Child Development in the state government, Shashi Paw, says that this incident is very regrettable. Senior officials are on the spot. Whoever gets involved in all these will get maximum punishment.

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