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Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics and opinion analysis

Brooks Caldera 6 Review

We analyze the features of the Brooks Caldera 6, the disruption of nitro technology in the trail running world. We have been waiting for this for several months. Slipper Because Brooks has had two other trail models with great success among trail runners around the world: Cascadia and Catamount (the latter focused on mountain competition), but the Caldera 6 is different.

For those of us who dedicate ourselves to it, we have often talked about the good sensations that the Caldera model transmitted and that it was strange that it had no effect like the other models. We’ve come to call that the “covered one”… the fact is, when it was revealed that the new Caldera, the sixth, would come with a Nitro midsole, some of us thought the shoe would jump upwards that might do it. more justice.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion AnalysisIt’s always been the caldera, A very functional trail shoe, It’s good for torn, like unstitched ones, that goes up well, goes down well, cushions well, holds the foot well… and now this midsole Comes with Nitrogen in it, which enhances it’s carrying capacity making them comfortable to use and which gives them protection even in the longest print runs.

The use of nitro cushioning grows between Brooks shoe grids, not only for trail running shoes, but also on road shoes since the Glycerin 20 (and, of course, its equivalent for running on the Glycerin GTS 20) and Hyperion. The tempo already moves with it. Technology in its middle console.

We see him!

Brooks Caldera 6 Technical Analysis

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis


The Brooks Caldera 6 midsole is undoubtedly the most attractive part of it. Without knowing what it is made of, you just have to see how it has grown in volume. But be aware that what is seen from the outside is not the same as what is on the inside… and there is a technical explanation as well, which is to keep the foot in its place and thus make it easier to stay still.

But even more important is the material itself: nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3. It’s Brooks’ most comfortable material, and that’s where work has been done to make it lightweight (despite the tremendous bulk, the Caldera 6 weighs just 311.8 grams in the men’s finals and 277.8 grams in the women’s).

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

The thing about DNA is because of the type of material from which it is made. DNA has non-Newtonian properties that allow it to dampen more softly when you run slow, but instead be more tenacious and reactive if you run fast.

The LOFT thing comes because it is a DNA finish that enhances the softness and, therefore, ease of use. It is basically used in high-end shoes that are focused on accumulating kilometers, whether training or competition, and doing so in a comfortable manner.

v3 is an evolution of LOFT, which has already passed three stages: the first was mostly soft. In the second, or v2, lightness was increased. And in this current v3 that we see in Caldera 6, what comes in the form of star cushioning is nitro technology: in addition to the lightness and responsiveness of the material, nitrogen is blown into it to further increase the comfort of use through softness goes.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

Returning to encapsulation in Brooks Caldera 6: Midsole aids in stability (despite the focus being on trail runners with a neutral footprint. It does so through the walls of the midsole, which extend outward, into the foot) above the level of the sole of the foot, which allows the foot to sit and remain stable.

This is explained by the fact that the middle insole on the outside, at its highest part, at ankle height, reaches 57 mm (about 6 cm!), while on the inside (without the insole) it reaches 35 mm. . The 22 mm gap between the base where the leg actually rests, with the middle console rising outwards, allows the foot to be positioned properly, ensuring that it does not move laterally while walking, regardless of No matter how bumpy the road is.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion AnalysisAlso, as the middle insole approaches the outsole, it widens to form a stable base. And now we’ll explain that in part of the sole, but from there we work as a team with this design of the middle console to achieve that structural stability.

That said, for drop purposes, we should keep in mind that the thickness of the midsole is 35 mm in the heel region and 29 mm in the forearm region, under the metatarsals. a very generous thickness that is poured into a Only a drop of 6 mm.


Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

The sole of the Brooks Caldera 6 has been completely redesigned. Yes, a central island has a certain similarity to a longitudinal stripe…

This reconfiguration of the sole in the new Caldera 6 initially shows that it has a tremendous base of support. The metatarsal region is about 12 cm wide, while the heel base is 10.5 cm wide. A pass, come on, which has many implications.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

The first is that it provides you with a significant support base, which will allow you to be fairly stable from the sole. The second is that it is no coincidence that the width of the sole does not match the part of the midsole that is closest to the foot. This is because the middle insole becomes slightly wider as it reaches the sole, enhancing this stability effect (and be careful, I repeat this is a shoe for runners with a neutral tread or insole ). What Brooks touts with this elaborate design is that the new Caldera is ostentatious, which is the case with shoes that add a lot of thickness to the midsole, but then put in a narrow soles. Another implication (and this one is not a good one) is that the rubber the cleat is made from is heavier, so the more sole, the more rubber… and therefore: more weight. Luckily DNA LOFT v3 is available to help make up for its lightness.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

Another resource at the design level in the Brooks Caldera 6 is the longitudinal bar that runs from heel to toe: it’s wide at the base of the heel (splitting the sole and helping it better adapt to the ground, but the rubber Also destroy (in the fight for weight that happens in all shoes.) From the midfoot it is divided into two very fine stripes.

The right circle is useless at the base of the metatarsals. It’s just a detail that Brooks adds to show a sort of small window in the middle console and inserts the legend “Nitrogen Injected” to make it clear what they’ve worked on in the middle console.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

If we go to the Takedo made of Brooks TrailTac rubber, what we see is a very sharp design, both in the forefoot and in the heel (here in ContraGrip, for descenders). They are large studs with separation to pull out the mud and have an arrowhead shape for better traction.


Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

The first thing to note about the Brooks Caldera 6 Upper is that it uses a quick-drying mesh. And it’s good that this shoe has been paired with the profession of long distance travel… It is already known that the field is changing and situations may arise in which no one other than putting your feet in water Not an option. In that case, the upper part of Caldera 6 will help the foot dry out again as quickly as possible.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

If we look closely at the mesh (Brooks Air Mesh), we quickly see thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inserts that protect the fingers from small impacts while running in the mountains. These reinforcements become smaller as they move along the sides toward the midfoot, where they turn into a network of hexagonal shapes that will reinforce the area of ​​maximum support.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

Brooks Caldera 6 is much safer than it sounds. We’ve already seen reinforcements in the toecap and sides to make it more durable, but now it’s time to turn to how it protects the foot through the supports. If we go to the cordonera, we see that the flat laces pass through five eyelets, leaving the sixth free for those who want to tighten more…

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

The thing is, four of those six holes are actually straps that connect to a mesh that goes down and extends between the double midfoot mesh until it inserts into the base of the middle console. What happens when we tighten the lace? That the foot is held in place, the net is gripped and the level of support is much higher than that of the straps, which, due to the twists and movements of the road, involve the foot. Move away from your site (that function combined with the encapsulation explained in the middle console section).

The Caldera 6’s tongue is padded, but also filled with holes to aid with the sneaker’s breathing. And although the laces go through it, it won’t actually be necessary because it’s attached to the body of the shoe. Of course, there’s a red stripe in the center that’s elastic and that serves to house the loop: once we’ve made the knot, we can put extra space here so it doesn’t move while running Or do not lean on a shortened branch.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

Lastly, not very important for those who never wear leggings, but very important for those who do: It has two hooks or fixing points so that anyone who wants to wear leggings can do it without any problems. be able to do so They do not add weight, do not attract attention and are practically invisible to those who will never use them. It consists of a ring integrated between the base of the fingers and the laces and a Velcro strap (closure) at the heel.

Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

If we go inside, the bowl is completely surrounded by padded material, so that it can wrap the leg comfortably. Underneath, the spongy 4mm footbed is made of eco-friendly BioMogo material, which will degrade 50 times faster than any other material if it ends up in a landfill.


Brooks Boiler 6 | Characteristics And Opinion Analysis

Brooks Caldera 6 is a sneaker of trail running that has a high and comfortable cushioning that helps cover any kind of distance, But especially the longest. Brooks has enhanced this with nitro technology, which is based primarily on using a nitrogen-infused midsole.

The middle console material is the DNA LOFT v3, the third generation of a compound that is primarily cushiony, comfortable and lightweight and thanks to nitro technology, seeks to further improve comfort while running at these levels.

Thickness is important: 35mm at the heel and 29mm at the fore, which gives a drop of 6mm. That midsole grows on the sides to help enclose the foot, but it also widens as it moves down to the sole, yielding a wider and more stable support base. In the end though, such an amount does not penalize the weight as it is 311.8 grams in the men’s final and 277.8 grams in the women. The sole is quite wide, more than 10 cm in the metatarsal region, but also in the heel region. There he uses a Trailtec rubber with which he makes large and sharp studs.

On top, Brooks uses the Caldera 6 Air Mesh, a very breathable mesh that’s also quick-drying, which is good for not going for very long walks with wet feet, if that were the case.

Since this is a comfortable shoe designed to accumulate kilometers, it has to be said that its thing will be slow… yes, but the DNA LOFT v3 material, if you want to squeeze it, it will react . Not as much as its partner Catamount (the True Trail competition shoe from the American brand) or its other partner Cascadia (though it’s focused more on medium distance than long distance). Where this new Caldera 6 stands out is that it’s perfectly valid for an Ultra, if anyone wants to focus on it.

The official price of Brooks Caldera 6 is €150.

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