Brown Joe Mbappe will leave for PSG and Luis Enrique

Brown Joe Mbappe will leave for PSG and Luis Enrique

Last summer’s market was marked by a massive Paris Saint Germain, After another failure at European level, the club decided to make a revolution and change its dynamics by releasing Leo Messi, Neymar Jr. and Marco Verratti Players who were a reference in the locker room and on the field marking the beginning of a new phase.

Thief kilian mbappe As a franchise player, and knowing he only had one more year on his contract, the club took a risk, moving Luis Enrique to their bench and changing tactics while making more low-profile moves than in previous stages. Started. Gonzalo Ramos, Marco Asensio, Kang-in, Skriniar and Ousmane Dembele. They arrived relatively quickly, but there was one who protested: Colonel Muani, The French had to close down Samar and as soon as the horn sounded, PSG lost all the mind it had put into the previous movements and went 95 million euros who happily received it eintracht frankfurt Knew he was way above the player he was worth.

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Now, after half a season, it’s more than proven. Colonel Muani Even though he is the undisputed starter as a forward Ramos Lucho doesn’t like it, it’s far from what a team like that needs in that area. psg, After the completion Bayern Munich His appearances at the back and at the World Cup in Qatar sent his price skyrocketing. What is clear to date, and what was already known, is that he is a very powerful and strong player, but not much else. The lack of quality on the ball doesn’t make it stand out, or at least to the extent that PSG should need after an investment of this caliber, especially knowing that mbappe may come out this summer and it is Muani He is not and is not at all prepared to lead a great Europe dembele’s,

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Only 5 goals so far in Ligue 1, a very poor record for a striker from the Ligue 1 leader. And he only has one in the Champions League. Paris might now think that if he left mbappe They have to dig deep into their pockets to cover their losses in advance, because getting better at what they have is a mission impossible


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