Bruce Willis reunites with his ex at his daughter's birthday


This is already known. Bruce Willis’s health walks in a straight line down an alley whose end wall, made of brick and sadness, he cannot climb. His star is fading. Early last year, he gave a name and a nickname to the disease that had slowly and steadily begun to bother him. Frontotemporal dementia is a brain disorder caused by the abnormal buildup of proteins that damage brain cells. There is no cure for this.

More about Bruce Willis

  • The American actor said goodbye to acting, as his family has communicated through social networks.

  • After starring in successful films in Hollywood for over four decades, the actor is retiring from cinema due to suffering from aphasia.

That’s why the world wrinkles its cheeks and smiles when the actor reappears, occasionally holding hands with a family member. The last occasion was on the birthday of his daughter, Tallulah Willis, who was celebrating thirty trips around the Sun. And he did so in the company of his former partner and his mother, Demi Moore, who uploaded it on her social networks.

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“Showering our Tallulah with love today on her birthday,” read the short message written by the 61-year-old actress, who is seen smiling wearing blue jeans and a loose black cardigan in the snapshot.

For his part, the 68-year-old interpreter is impressed by the good condition in which he looks with a black and gray sports outfit, a scarf of the same color, and a blue baseball cap. He smiles at his ex-wife and shakes Tallulah’s hand, which is as emotional as it is familiar.

The truth is that the veteran actor has experienced a rapid decline in his health in recent months. To the extent that every report and every update on his situation is a blow to cinema and to culture in general. As Us Weekly leaked last December, following a statement from a friend of the artist, “Bruce has good days and bad days, but there have been more bad days than good days in the last two months.”

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It was just before Christmas. The warmth of home at this time protected him from the cold of the street during snowy nights. “This experience has brought the entire family even closer. No one knows how much time Bruce has left, so they’re enjoying every moment they have with him. The focus is on being close to the people he loves and remembering happy holidays past,” admitted the face of the unknown, who was familiar with that deadly alley of dementia. And the unconditional support of family. And situation. This is already known.


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