BTS ARMY Birthday Celebrated by Google Search with Easter Egg Opening Purple Balloons, Message from the Band

BTS ARMY Birthday Celebrated by Google Search with Easter Egg Opening Purple Balloons, Message from the Band

BTS ARMY is feeling loved by Google.

In honor of the ninth anniversary of the origin of BTS ARMY – the name of a massive fanbase of K-pop superstars – on July 9, 2022, Google has launched a pair of new collabs with BTS.

Starting Friday (US time zone), fans searching for “BTS” on a Google search can unlock the secret Easter egg. On the search results page for BTS (on mobile or desktop), users can click on the purple heart icon that appears next to the BTS header in the upper left. This will open a flurry of purple balloons that you can pop with a single click or tap; Clicking on the balloons with the microphone will reveal special audio messages from the band members themselves.

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“BTS has so much positive energy, and we want to bring some of that to Search,” Alyssa Wolf, Google’s chief delighted features software engineer, said in a statement. Diversity, “I’m a fan myself, so I was thrilled to be able to work on this project!”

Bts Army Birthday Celebrated By Google Search With Easter Egg Opening Purple Balloons, Message From The Band

In addition, Google Arts & Culture is celebrating the BTS ARMY in a unique collaboration with BTS, “BTS x Street Gallery”. The collaboration takes fans on a Street View tour of the cities and buildings that hold special memories for BTS. In each of the 14 locations, fans can create their own street gallery with artworks curated by the band and exclusive photographs and creations by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jung Kook.

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BTS has also teamed up with YouTube Shorts to exclusively host the #MyBTStory challenge. The month-long challenge, which invited ARMYs and music fans everywhere to share their most unforgettable BTS memories, ends today and ends next Wednesday, July 13 with a special ARMY tribute video on BTS’ official YouTube channel. Will end with release.

BTS officially gave their adorable fans the name ARMY — an acronym that stands for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth” — in 2013.

The K-pop group currently has over 67 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel, BangtanTV, making them the third most subscribed music artist on the platform (after Blackpink and Justin Bieber). To date, the group has earned six music videos in YouTube’s billion views club. “Butter”‘s video garnered 108.2 million views in its first 24 hours—getting YouTube’s No. 1 spot on that metric. In second place: BTS’s “Dynamite,” which clocked 101.1 million views in its initial 24-hour period.

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