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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Budget 2021: Finance Minister let Corona deal with 35,000 crores, also made this gesture

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new Delhi. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has made a provision of 35 thousand crores to deal with the world’s largest epidemic corona. These funds will be spent on vaccination, treatment and the other front to overcome COVID 19. Significantly, India has approved two indigenous vaccines for emergencies. Under this, the vaccination process has started in every state from January 16.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also clarified that the provision of 35 thousand crores for the fight against Corona in the budget is for vaccination. If needed, more funds will be arranged. This is the biggest relief news for common people. He said in the budget speech that There are two Kovid-19 vaccines available in India. In the coming time, we expect more vaccines. India is one of the countries where the death rate due to corona is very low. Finance Minister Sitharaman said that PM Narendra Modi had launched the vaccination campaign giving credit to the scientists. He said that we have also helped other countries with vaccine. We have provided protection against Kovid to the people of 100 or more countries. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the pneumococcal vaccine made in India is currently limited to just 5 states. Will be implemented in the whole country. This will prevent the deaths of more than 50 thousand children annually.

Target to vaccinate 300 million people:

It is worth noting that initially the vaccine of Corona is being applied to the first three crore health workers and frontline workers. Significantly, more than one crore people have been infected with Corona in the country so far, out of which about one and a half lakh have died. The Government of India aims to provide both doses of vaccine to 300 million people by July 2021. It has been named the campaign for vaccination.

These announcements in the health sector also:

Apart from this, in the budget, the Finance Minister has made a provision of 64,180 crore under the Self-Reliant Health Scheme. New diseases are also covered under this provision. Under this, health and wellness centers will be opened in 70 thousand villages. Critical care hospitals will also be started in more than 600 districts. 15 Health Emergency Operation Centers And 9 Bio Safety Level 3 labs will also be started.

Health Budget in Points

– Corona vaccine will cost 35,000 crores in 2021-22.

Pneumococcal The vaccine will be launched nationwide.

– Prime Minister Self-Reliant Healthy India Scheme to be launched with Rs. 64,180 crore. It will also cover new diseases.

64,180 crores From this budget of Wellness centers in 70 thousand villages will also help.

– With this, critical care hospitals will be started in 602 districts. The National Center for Disease Control will also be strengthened.

15 health emergency operation centers will be started. 9 Bio Safety Level 3 labs will start.

Integrated Health Information Portal will be launched to connect public health labs.

– Mission Nutrition 2.0 will be launched. There is a provision to spend 2.87 lakh crore rupees in 5 years for other items including increased water supply.

– Water-life mission will start for urban areas. On Urban Clean India Mission In 5 years 1.48 lakh crore will be spent.


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