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Buried at sea or dumped in the Hindu-Kush hills, what happened to Osama bin Laden’s body? – what happened to osama bin laden’s body buried in the sea or hindu kush mdj

After about 10 years, America came to know about Laden’s presence in Pakistan and started Operation Neptune Spear to kill this terrorist. Under this, a special squad of the American Army reached the place where bin Laden was hiding with his family. These were about two dozen commandos, who reached Abbottabad by helicopter. Laden, who was hiding on the third floor, heard it at the last moment, but by then all means of escape were closed.

It was shown live at the White House

The commando team shot Osama one after the other. This entire operation was shown live at the White House so that the President and other officials were aware of all aspects of the incident. Immediately, Laden’s DNA test was performed to confirm that the body was that of the same terrorist that Washington had been searching for for years.

This whole process was done within an hour or so. After this, the American commandos packed his body in a bag and took it to Afghanistan. From here it was imported to the special warship USS Carl Vinson.

The question is what to do with the dead body

The US government fears that if bin Laden is buried in the Islamic manner, the site will become a place of worship for extremists. Besides, terrorists can also do new evil to take revenge. There is not much time. By this time the announcement of Osama’s death had been made. If the body is kept for a long time there is a risk of harming the beliefs of Islam, which must be buried within 24 hours.

Obama’s home country of Saudi Arabia has reportedly refused to accept his body. Now the entire responsibility is on America.

The last rites are performed according to Islamic tradition

The dead body of the terrorist was bathed in full Islamic rites and covered with a white shroud. Prayers were said in Arabic through an interpreter and later his body was sealed in a box and thrown into the sea. This box is tied with an iron chain that weighs more than 150 kilos so that the dead body does not swell and float.

All these rituals are completed while flying over the sea. In the year 2012, some military documents of the US Department of Defense were leaked, containing such information. Later the same thing was said under Freedom of Information.

If it’s done, why hasn’t the photo been released?

After the death of bin Laden, it was said for a long time that America did not kill him but kept him in prison. Many questions arose that if he had killed the feared terrorist, he would have released the pictures of his death. In this, then President Barack Obama clearly said that Laden was shot in the head. Releasing such a picture means inciting violence. This is why America has not released any photo of the dead terrorist anywhere.

The corpse was scattered in many parts

Apart from throwing Laden’s body into the sea, there is another theory that says his body was dismembered and scattered here and there. American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh said that after arriving in Afghanistan, the terrorist’s body was cut by rifle bullets. Some of the pieces were thrown into the Hindu Kush hills.

The same was said about Baghdadi’s dead body

After the alleged death of the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, his body was also thrown into the sea by the American commando group. The reason behind this is also that the grave should not become a pilgrimage site for terrorists. However, doubts have been raised on the claim of Baghdadi’s death as so far there have been many claims of his death. The last time this claim was made by former President Donald Trump was in 2019.

Does Islam allow burial at sea?

Islamic scholars continue to speak differently about it. After Laden’s death, two factions emerged. One said that cremation at sea is only appropriate if the death also occurred at sea. Otherwise one should be buried in the ground only. Many scholars have said that Islam provides practical suggestions in many areas. If the circumstances are different then there is no harm in adopting different methods.

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