California braces for life-threatening flooding as atmospheric river follows 'Pineapple Express': live


Californians are bracing for another round of intense rain and “life-threatening” flooding this weekend.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Bay Area of ​​California from Saturday through Monday, while nws Up to 15 inches of rain is expected to fall in Los Angeles from Saturday to Wednesday. Forecasters said “life-threatening” flooding was also possible in Southern California.

This weekend’s storm could intensify as it approaches the California coast, a process called bombogenesis in which a rotating low pressure system rapidly deepens, according to associated Press, The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services activated its operations center and deployed personnel and equipment to areas most at risk from the weather.

This weekend’s rain will be the result of a second atmospheric river to hit the West Coast. The first atmospheric river — nicknamed the “Pineapple Express,” so called because it originates near Hawaii in the tropical Pacific — hit the Pacific Northwest and much of California in midweek, causing snow across the region. There were sudden floods and landslides.

The Pineapple Express system made landfall on Wednesday, bringing heavy mountain snowfall, high winds and rockslides to Northern California. One person was injured when a tree fell on a home in Saratoga, according to the National Weather Service.

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Second storm this weekend will bring even more snow to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Earlier this week, the Pineapple Express system brought several inches of snow to California’s highlands, smothering ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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Now, according to forecasters, a second storm is predicted to arrive this weekend, bringing even more snowfall to those areas warn,

National Weather Service experts for Los Angeles say Californians should change their plans to avoid mountain travel and residents at higher elevations should stock up on supplies and gas ahead of the storm.

A second atmospheric river will hit Saturday night and bring heavy rain early next week. Forecasters say the peak of the storm will occur Sunday night into Monday morning.

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‘Cyclone Bomb’ will be the second storm to hit California this weekend

Thanks to a process called a “cyclone bomb” — or “bombogenesis” — the second storm to hit California will be far more intense than the midweek “Pineapple Express.” associated Press Report.

Current models of the low pressure system show it will deepen rapidly, causing flooding in the state and possibly a major hurricane in the Bay Area. National Weather Service forecasters are predicting wind gusts of up to 60 mph near San Francisco, California, on Sunday.

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ICYMI: Hurricane damage could pose a ‘significant threat’ to California residents for days after the storm passes

Brian Ferguson, deputy director of crisis communications at the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, said that damage from the storm would continue to affect some Californians for the next fourteen days, even though the storm is projected to end early next week.

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Mr. Ferguson said associated Press The storm will pose “a significant threat to the safety of Californians” for up to 14 days, stretching from the coast to the mountains, from the Oregon coast to San Diego.

“It’s really a broad swath of California where we will see threats in the coming weeks,” Mr Ferguson said. AP,

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Power outages likely this weekend: California officials

San Luis Obispo County warns power outages are likely this weekend as a second atmospheric river makes landfall in California.

Officials advise residents to charge their electronics, make sure they have flashlights and batteries and stock up on non-perishable food. Forecasters are predicting up to 15 inches of rain in some areas this weekend and early next week. Roads are likely to be flooded during extreme rains, making travel dangerous.

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ICYMI: Pineapple Express brings flood to Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach receives rain as the ‘Pineapple Express’ hits the West Coast earlier this week

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ICYMI: See photos of California flooding this week as the state prepares for another round of rain

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Pineapple Express sets five rainfall records in a single day: NWS

The “Pineapple Express” system that hit California this week broke five daily rainfall records in a single day, according to National Weather Service To Los Angeles.

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Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Sandburg and Lancaster, California all broke rainfall records on Thursday, February 1.

This weekend’s second storm system could break those records again. economy Up to 15 inches of rain is predicted to fall across parts of Southern California this weekend and early next week.

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‘We dig it’: Surfers brave the waves during dangerous ‘Pineapple Express’ attack in California

Despite strong winds and heavy rain in Los Angeles due to the Pineapple Express storm, surfers braved the conditions to hit the waves Thursday morning.

Venice Beach, a popular tourist destination that usually draws thousands of people and vendors, was closed and silenced as strong winds lashed the boardwalk.

Only a few thrill-seekers were left, enjoying the waves as high as six feet. Among them was Iain Dale, who described the outing as “a regular Tuesday”.

The Independent’s mike bedigan The story is:

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Watch this: A California man remembers the moment his car got stuck in massive flooding

Man recalls moment his car got stuck in massive floods in California

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Check this out: Stunning satellite image of the Pineapple Express over the Pacific Ocean

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