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California Condor, North America’s Largest Bird Endangered by Lead

California Condor, one of the largest birds in the world and perhaps one of the least known. However, it is an extinct species in the wild due to lead poisoning and other human factors.

Learn more about this amazing species that is part of the expedition “We Are the Guardians” From National Commission for the Knowledge and Uses of Biodiversity (Konabio)Which aims to promote civic participation in the knowledge, appreciation and respect of Mexican nature.

Factors That Killed the California Condor

California Condor is a Species extinct in the wild and considered extinct in the wildSince then, according to Konabio, until 1987 All specimens died except for the six captured for their protection.

However, its range extends over most of North America. This important bird has been pushed to the brink of extinction and wiped out from our country during the last century.

drastic population decline during this century is mainly attributed direct exposure and accidental lead ingestionsince, since they are investigativeThe corpses they ate contained bullets or ammunition that contaminated the food.

another factor There are devastation towers and power linesSince some specimens usually die due to behavioral difficulties and conflicts with them.

How is the California Condor?

It is considered the largest bird in North America. Its wingspan is 3 m and weight 9 kg, which is why it is surpassed in dimensions only by its cousin Andean Condor.

It is one of seven genera of the family Cathartidae Or vultures of the New World. Also, they pose with their wings open.

They are black in colour, with a white wing line and slight silver on the secondary coverts. Their head is empty and their color is red-orange.

  • The toes do not have claws and are therefore not adapted for catching prey. The middle finger is very long.

Condors attain their adult plumage at 5 or 6 years of age, according to KonaBio, and breed at 6 to 8 years of age. When young, they often have a black head and black-spotted underwings.

  • They glide with horizontal wings with upward-curving primaries.

it is a scavenger animalSince it feeds on the corpses of large mammals. They don’t have a very good sense of smell. And they often find their food visually, checking for the activity of crows, coyotes, eagles, and other scavengers.

they are monogamous why they don’t breed every yearIn fact, they lay a single egg And the incubation period is an average of 56 days. However, the period of parental care is longer and may last up to a year.

  • Once a mate is chosen, it lays one egg every two or three years and both parents share the responsibility of caring for the nest.

Where does this bird live?

Its habitat range includes rocky areas, open scrubland, coniferous forest, and oak savanna.

  • It usually nests in rocks, rocky ledges and cavities of large trees.

California condor, a bird expelled from its habitat

It is a species believed to be extinct in its habitat.It declined rapidly during the 20th century, disappearing from open stretches of California in 1937.

It eventually became extinct in the wild when, in 1987, the last 6 wild individuals were captured for a joint captive-breeding program involving 22 individuals.

from that moment on, data from conabio The population has grown to 147 in December 1998, shows show, of which 97 were in captivity and 28 were reintroduced to California in Lyon Canyon and the Los Padres Natural Forest and Castle Crag on the western edge of San Luis Obispo County. Another 22 people were released in northern Arizona at Vermilion Cliffs and Hurricane Cliffs.

  • There are currently 156 condors released in Arizona, California and Baja California. Six of these were born into free life

Thanks to conservation and captive breeding efforts, the California condor flies free in the Sierra Leone today San Pedro Martir in Baja California.

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