California remains on alert for avalanches and floods despite little rain forecast

California remains on alert for avalanches and floods despite little rain forecast

LOS ANGELES — Forecasters predicted rainfall from one of the most torrential storms in Southern California history will subside Tuesday, but warned that wet ground could still lead to deadly flooding and mudslides. can also be.

The slow-moving storm stalled in the area on Monday, bringing record rainfall to parts of Los Angeles that could last into Wednesday, the National Weather Service said. Light to moderate rain may occur with scattered showers and possible thunderstorms, but there is still a risk of brief but heavy downpours in many places, causing 1.3 to 3 centimeters (0.5 to 1 in) of rain within an hour.

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Officials have asked the population to remain vigilant and much of Southern California is under a flood warning. Floodwaters in rivers and streams increase the risk of drowning and the need for quick rescue, the meteorological service said.

The storm struck Northern California over the weekend, killing three people as they were crushed by falling trees and then moved south. It was the second storm generated by an atmospheric river to affect the state in a matter of days.

Rain lashed Los Angeles on Monday, sending mud and rocks sliding down hills lined with million-dollar homes, while people living in homeless camps in many parts of the city struggled to reach safety.

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Near the Hollywood Hills, floodwaters carried mud, rocks and household items into Studio City, according to city officials. Sixteen people were evacuated and many houses were declared ruins.

“It feels like it’s a river that’s been here for years,” Keki Mingus said after her neighbors’ home was damaged. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”


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