Called for promotion of healthy and nutritious food

During the meeting held at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was attended by experts, references and officials, the guidelines of the call were presented, aimed at strengthening local scientific, technological and innovation capabilities that are in transition towards being established. contribute to the process. in legislation to promote healthy food and which also provides support for initiatives related to sustainable packaging.

Filmus highlighted the work of the R+D+I agency and the Ministry of Science’s expression with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries “which is necessary to address the strategic issues to transform the reality of our country. Argentina is one such country.” Which not only produces raw materials but also has the ability to develop highly sophisticated products with high technology.Ministry of Foreign Affairs opens doors to show the world that Argentina has the potential for research, innovation and added value. The Science Minister explained that “it is the state which finances basic research by the Centre, without which there is no applied research. So the public sector should have good engagement with the private sector so that it can develop its own science and technology.

For his part, Todeska Boko pointed out that “industrial policy and scientific-technical policy, when they are linked, provide export opportunities with added value, i.e. the creativity they can add, which is likely to give More work and above all good work”.

In addition, he referred to external regulations relating to concerns about the environment and health, “which affect Argentina and Mercosur exports as a whole, so we should be in a position to conduct those discussions, so that we can certify order to enter those markets. “

In his turn, Fernando Pirano indicated that food production “is a strongly regulated sector to care for the health of the population. Through this call we seek to promote innovations in food that reduce risk in the regulatory sector.” Where processes are time consuming and access to new markets is subject to local law conditions, MEA’s support is critical to assist producers in expanding to other countries and to give projects a global profile with export potential constitutes a strong incentive. We have three main objectives: to care for the health of all, to contribute to the sustainability of food companies, and to promote care for the environment. Finally, he said: “With this action, the agency that Considers an investment of 1,800 million pesos from, the investment in R&D in the food sector for 2022-2023 will increase by 50%. It is also a way to accelerate the development of new entrants in the industry, as they will be able to rely on the science and technology system to develop and thereby diversify the food supply in Argentina.

Called for promotion of healthy and nutritious food

Fonsec Director Laura Toledo explained: Argentine scientific-technological system has great potential to provide solutions and value to the food and packaging industry. That is why the purpose of this call is to collaborate between companies and R&D institutions, to design new ingredients, products and processes, based on the ebb and flow of knowledge from different actors, that are healthier, for consumers. For eco-friendly and profitable companies”.

Called for promotion of healthy and nutritious food

The event included a panel of experts who addressed the importance of promoting projects that contribute to healthy eating, and detailed the various lines of action to produce the projects. The speakers were Laura Toledo, National Director of FONARSEC; Gabriel Raya Tonetti, Secretary of the Technical Scientific Expression of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Cordoba; Marta Placencia, Expert in Innovation and Technological Linkages, and Vera Alvarez, researcher, Deputy Director of the Materials Science and Technology Research Institute of Mar del Plata and President of the Argentine Nanotechnology Foundation.

The presentation was attended by representatives of food and packaging companies and trade circles and institutions, including Daniel Fuens de Rioja, President of Copal.

about the call

A total of 1,800 million pesos will be funded for public-private associations that must be composed of at least one public or private non-profit science and technology institution with at least one Argentine company or cooperative.

Its mission is to promote the production of healthy and nutritious food in Argentina in 5 actions, through the award of non-reimbursable contributions:

Healthy Substitution: Research, development and production of additives, ingredients and/or active principles with potential use in healthy foods, including the development of new production processes or adjustments to existing ones, that allow the replacement of additives or ingredients that do not In order to promote healthy eating, it is recommended to consume more quantity according to the law.

Healthy Properties: Research, development and production of ingredients with healthy properties (pre and probiotics, dietary fiber, antioxidants, among others) that are included in food formulations to improve their nutritional profiles.

Methods and Techniques: Development and implementation of innovative techniques and tools for the determination, quantification and characterization of additives, ingredients and healthy foods.

Materials for packaging: Research, development and production of new polymers and additives for the manufacture of sustainable packaging for the food industry.

Waste and by-products: development of processes that use waste and/or by-products of the food industry chain to obtain, isolate and purify potential ingredients or active ingredients for the production of food for human consumption .

Public-private associations can be beneficiaries. These associations must be composed of at least one public or private non-profit science and technology institution with at least one Argentine company (SMEs and cooperatives incorporated under this name).

The technical and financial execution period of the projects will be up to three years, reckoned from the date of signing of the contract.

The I+D+i agency will finance up to 80% of the total cost of the project as a non-reimbursable contribution (ANR), and beneficiary institutions and companies contributing 20% ​​of the funds required to implement it as equivalent Will happen.

The last date for the call is October 6, 2022. For more information, you can consult the grounds and conditions of the call by mail. [email protected]


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