Callum Skye, an electric and futuristic all-terrain buggy

Callum Skye

The implementation of electrical mechanics It is also useful in making recreational vehicles more environmentally friendly. This, added to the ease with which an all-wheel drive system can be made, makes the ‘buggies’ They are a part with many possibilities.

Models of this nature have been proposed, but the Callum Skye took it to a higher level. So far it has only been shown as a prototype, but the company wants to make it real as an exclusive car, with circulation of 50 units and estimated price of about 116,000 euros.

It deviates from the classic concept of the buggy because it is not a small model, but a very large all-terrain vehicle (3.99 meters high) that still manages to control the weight of just inside. 1.150 kilos.

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In addition, it continues the characteristic design of those, with a casual style and details such as the wheels outside the body, which allow the axles to be seen.

No pictures have been shown of the cabin, but it is confirmed that it will present a configuration of four seats. In addition, although it has a closed body for safety and occupant protection reasons, most of it is made up of glass panels to express the feeling of freedom that is common in sedans.

Callum Skye

Due to the status of the project, in its early stages, no technical details about its operating system have been confirmed beyond the fact that it promises to speed up 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds.

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Of course, the rumors point to a dual motor system, something that makes sense to achieve all-wheel drive and from the asphalt with guarantees, and a 42 kWh battery capacity, thanks to which it has distance of about 274 kilometers. The possibility that it can mount different batteries is also considered.

The company hopes to have a fully functional prototype ready to spring 2024.

Callum Skye