Cameron: “Star Wars rebels would now be called terrorists”


A few years ago, George Lucas and James Cameron had an interesting conversation about the inspiration of the founder of Lucasfilm to create the historical context of Star Wars, his space epic, now a famous saga that moves millions of dollars every year. The creator compared the situation of the Rebels to one of the conflicts of that time, the Vietnam War, where the United States and its allies in South Vietnam faced the National Liberation Front of Vietnam (Vietcong).

The armed conflict, which lasted for many years behind the curtain of the Cold War, weakened the United States and generated strong opposition among the population. In the end, the smallest defeated the largest, as George Lucas himself recalled in that dialogue.

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“In Star Wars the good guys are rebels, who use asymmetric warfare (techniques) against a highly organized empire. I think now we call them terrorists. We call them Mujahideen, Al Qaeda…”, showed Cameron, the director of Aliens: The Return, Titanic, Terminator and Avatar, among other films.

The Vietcong, inspired by Star Wars

“When I made (Star Wars) it was about the Vietong,” answered George Lucas, to which Cameron asked him and told him if he was thinking about it at the time, about creating an anti-authoritarian context: “Or colonial. “We are dealing with the greatest empire in the world,” and those who are fighting are at a distinct disadvantage compared to stronger forces. “The same thing happened with the Vietnamese. The irony of it is that , in both cases, the little ones won. And the giant and technical empire, the English empire, the North American empire, lost. “That was the main point.”

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After the final ‘Star Wars Ahsoka’, there are three live-action projects starting next year: ‘Skeleton Crew’, another of the spin-offs of ‘The Mandalorian’, as well as ‘The Acolyte’ and the second. time of ‘Andor’. In the field of animation we see the result of The Bad Batch and new episodes of ‘Chronicles of the Jedi’.