Camila Homs is involved in a serious complaint: will she go to jail?

Camila Homs is involved in a serious complaint: will she go to jail?

Camila Homs faces a serious complaint that I can leave him Behind bars after the lawyer Ignacio Trimarco accuse him of falsifying a medical certificate who does not appear at the hearing of an oral trial.

In the program Mariana Fabiani DDM (América TV), journalist Mariano Yezze, revealed that the model is in a difficult moment. “Trouble again for Camila Homs. She was accused of falsifying a medical certificate to avoid appearing in an oral trial,” Indian.

Then, he added: “He must appear in an oral trial promoted by the lawyer Ignacio Trimarco for defamation. The lawyer who defended him in these proceedings presented himself with a certificate which made a lot of noise in the Courts.“.

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Rodrigo de Paul’s ex-wife will be investigated because the complaint was initiated by the “alleged commission of ideological crime of falsifying a public instrument and using a false or forged document or certificate“.

Yezze expanded: “In that hearing that will take place a few days ago, the defense lawyer presented a medical certificate from San Isidro Hospital, like Camila Homs who is being treated for a specific pathology and that she is sick and cannot attend the hearing,” explained Yezze.

“When the plaintiff’s lawyers in libel cases see this, the first thing they say is ‘These lyrics are by Camila Homs‘. They began to suspect the handwriting and submitted this public document to the expert opinion of a licensed professional who issued an opinion. An official letter was also sent to San Isidro Hospital and they said that Camila was never treated.” he explained.

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Ignacio Trimarco sued Camila Homs for defamation in the past because he treated her as a fraud when he represented her in the financial compensation agreement with Rodrigo De Paul. At that time, the model did not know the professional fees he agreed to and, some time later, treated him as a scammer.

What Trimarco said about Camila Homs

The Trimarco went out into the air DDM and continued “Failure to appear at an oral test may be considered a flight risk or obstruction of the process.“.

He also assured that in “If the crime is proven, he faces a sentence of up to six years in prison.” He could be jailed for this.“, he added. In this way, Camila Homs He was left on the ropes and had to give an explanation to justice.

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