Can I get it if I already have the PGU?

national holidays

Payment of the Strenna national holidays 2023 to more than 2 million 885 thousand beneficiary pensioners. This year the amount is $23,261 per retiree and increases by $11,933 for each accredited family burden as of August 31st.

“We have come together with pensioners today, as National Holiday month begins, to announce this For the country’s pensioners, the payment of the bonus for the eighteenth year begins this is a statutory Christmas bonus (…) and a help to be able to cover part of the expenses of this month”, said the Minister for Labor and Social Affairs. Jeanette Jara.

Do I get the holiday bonus if I have the PGU?

Yes, be a PGU (Universal Guaranteed Pension) beneficiary is one of the requirements to receive the payment of the Aguinaldo Fiestas Patrias.

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The Undersecretary for Social Welfare, claudio reyes reiterated that “universal guaranteed pension beneficiaries, labor law pensioners and who may also receive a government contribution in addition to their pensions in an AFP or insurance company” have access to the Christmas bonus.

What are the requirements?

The IPS Christmas bonus is aimed at people who meet the following requirements as of August 31:

  • IPS retirees, the one Universal guaranteed annuity (PGU) by una Basic solidarity disability pension (PBSI).
  • pensioner from Institute for Occupational Safety (ISL).
  • Pensioners of the laws of political relief, Law No. 19,234.
  • pensioners of mutual employer associations of Law No. 16,744.
  • pensioners of former pension funds and former Social Security Service (currently IPS).
  • Repair pensioners: Law No. 19.123 (Rettig) and Law No. 19.992 (Valech).
  • retirees or retirees from AFP or insurance companies who, from August 31, 2023, also receive the PGU benefit, the solidarity pension contribution (old age or disability) or minimum pensions with state guarantee.
  • Beneficiaries and beneficiaries of Disability Allowance.
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Do I have to apply?

NO, it will be paid automatically to those who qualify, along with the September pension.

The director of the IPS recalled that Patrick Coronado who noticed that pensioners “You don’t have to do any paperwork to get this post that the state gives them, because our institution automatically pays for it.”

Likewise, he stressed that “beneficiary elderly people will not receive a message or email informing them of this benefit” to ensure they “avoid possible fraud, which we know increases when a bounty is paid.”


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