Can the 2024 circulation permit be paid online?

Find out if you can pay for your driving permit online or in person only.

We are approaching a new payment period circulation permit main process for Drivers of vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles in Chile Because this document allows them to circulate on the streets of the country legally,

Where is the 2024 circulation permit paid? Find out if you pay in person or online

Although tradition dictates that circulation permits be paid for individually Transit address of each municipality or in Centers enabled by each municipality to carry out the process In recent years, it has become common to pay for this document online, although this is not enabled for all drivers.

that’s because Only a few municipalities have enabled an online platform on their websites for payment of 2024 circulation permits.

this is the recommendation Check your municipality’s website And find out if you have the option to complete the process online.

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The payment methods for this process are cash, card and cheque. You can choose to pay in two installments, The first between 1st February to 31st March of the current year and the second between 1st August to 31st August.

When must the 2024 circulation permit be paid? Know all the information about this process:

Payment for 2024 circulation permits will begin on Thursday, February 1 and will be extended until March 31 For owners of private cars, motorcycles, vans, ambulances, hearses, luxury rental cars, cars or special services, station wagon And trucks. This period also includes cars and trailers coupled to motorized vehicles with a load capacity of up to 1,750 kg, half the unit.

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eye! Some vehicles must pay a circulation permit on another date of the year, these are:

  • Mayo: Taxis and buses.
  • September: Goods vehicles, scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles, tractor-trailers, agricultural or industrial tractors and automotive machines. This term also includes cars and trailers coupled to motorized vehicles with a load capacity of more than 1,750 kg.

What is the value of the 2024 circulation permit?

If you want to know the valuation as well as the value of your vehicle’s 2024 circulation permit, we invite you to enter Following links from the Internal Revenue Service And fill the requested information.

What documents are required to pay for circulation permit?

The following documents are required to make this 2024 payment:

  • Previous movement permit.
  • Certificate of Conformity (if applicable), or current technical amendment.
  • Compulsory automobile insurance policy, which must cover the period of validity of the driving license.
  • Domain or registry card as per registration in Civil Registry Service.
  • Purchase Invoice (with copy). (New vehicles only*)
  • Registration in the Civil Registry and Identification Service (SRCEI). (New vehicles only*)

*New vehicle permits will be paid pro-rata for each month remaining after the completion of the year.

Who Do not pay 2024 circulation permit, they will be registered as defaulters and fined with additional interest and police fine (when caught on the road), additionally when renewing a license plate, a fine of 1.5% of the relevant value will be imposed, as per CPI calculation.

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