Can you imagine what a hypothetical Peugeot 208 Rallye would look like? A Swiss dealer made it


Electrification has caused all manufacturers, or at least generalists, to turn back decades of history and seems to have a kind of obsession to erase the memories created by the various combustion engine models over the past time. The personality, charisma and even the love shown by some brands is lost and it is difficult for us to see something similar for a long time, because, as some manufacturers say, there are some models, such as sporty versions of utility vehicles and compact cars, which are not profitable.

So, for example, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra disappeared, although, surprisingly, the Volkswagen Polo GTI remained. But these reasons are also the reasons for the removal of the Renault Clio RS from the catalog, to give some examples. There are some that still survive, like the famous Hyundai i20 N and Toyota GR Yaris, maybe we can also put the MINI Cooper S or the JCW in the same bag, but these are two models with a high price and a premium that character, and their commercial life It is more certain.

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For example, Peugeot, has completely abandoned its range of sports versions, there is no GTi from the French firm, nor is there any PSE –Peugeot Sport Engineering–, whose only creation, the Peugeot 508 PSE , does not seem to have any expectations effect despite a very fast and, of course, attractive car – according to our preferences, obviously. And perhaps, with Renault, it is the one with the most sporting past, with GTi versions of many models, all of them legendary.

However, perhaps as a farewell or simply to take advantage of the commercial pull that exists in nostalgia, a Swiss dealer has produced a very interesting variant, especially since it has earned the name “Rallye” for the most little Peugeot range now. In other words, they just created a Peugeot 208 Rally, with all the details of those radical variants of the Peugeot 205 and Peugeot 106, without forgetting the white painted metal wheels. There is also a Rallye version of the 306, but it is less known and not as radical as its smaller brothers – it is a 306 GTi with decals.

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The dealer responsible for this Peugeot 208 Rallye, Garajes Hotz SA, says on its website that with this car they pay tribute to 40 years of the Peugeot 205 T16 and of course, seeing it outside of Switzerland will be very complicated. In any case, in the end, we will not lose much, because all the changes made to make this Peugeot 208 Rallye are only aesthetic, and they are made in the version equipped with the 1.2 PureTech 100 HP engine.

However, we cannot deny that, aesthetically speaking, the car catches the eye and the details are very well executed, for a creation of Peugeot itself. And it is certainly not difficult to mount more appropriate suspensions and get more horsepower from the 1.2 turbo PSA –sorry, from Stellantis–. The weight issue is another more complicated issue, but the back seat can disappear without many people missing it…

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