Canada: Farming vs Extinction

Francis’ trip to Canada Responds to a personal loan he contracted with the indigenous people, which he had obtained four months earlier in Rome, where he was able to directly verify what he described these days as a “catastrophic error”. “It kills us, it makes us angry, it makes us sad.”

So-called residential schools promoted by the state, for more than a century, were places where thousands of minors were harassed, even put to death, the pope has said. “Policies of assimilation and dissolution”, which tried to uproot the roots of the people. rated as ‘cultural genocide’, The Church was not only an ally, but also a partner through these orphanages, practically until a few decades ago, to which later a certain lukewarmness from both Canadian Catholics and the Holy See was added when it came to identifying the loss and its It was time to make repairs. ,

This explains the “cry of pain” shared by the pontiff on the ground in each of his interventions. Without any hesitation or hesitation. With a more serious gesture. And in Spanish, their mother tongue, so that there is no room for doubt. “I am deeply hurt: I apologize for the way in which, unfortunately, many Christians have adopted the colonial mentality of the powers oppressing indigenous peoples. I am injured”, he exposed in his first speeches, which was replaced with applause of support.

Canada: Farming vs Extinction

No one doubts the invaluable work done by the missionaries in every nook and corner of the world, but it is no less true that It is not always known how the native people are respected, But they also do not understand that in order to reach the heart the gospel must be healthy, and even holy, cultured, just as God became man at a specific time and that people, with their mother tongue and their own customs .

purpose of amendment

This ascetic pilgrimage had some risks, as the yatra could be regarded as an attempt to cover up deep unresolved wounds. Even then, With your strength, sincerity and closeness, The Pope who expressed “compassion” these days has restored the credibility of the Canadian Church, and this is made clear by those responsible for various ethnic groups. through words and gestures of welcome and authority,

It has contributed to the purpose of amendment which is already being landed through the commission set up by the bishop. not only to respond with financial compensation, but to establish a true path of reconciliation, as “The architects of a new history, the weavers of hope, the builders of the future, the craftsmen of peace”.


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