Canadian Rangers to Help Distribute Vaccines in Northern Ontario | Nation World News


As COVID-19 numbers increased in northern Ontario, the federal government reaffirmed the state’s request to help distribute vaccines in remote areas of the state.

Ottawa Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said Saturday that Canadian Rangers, which works for the Independent and Coast Guard forces, will be sent to assist communities in the northern states.

The mission begins Monday and will continue until the end of next March.

In a statement, Blair said: “Once again, the Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Rangers, will use the local culture and practice to support the effective expansion of this immunization campaign for vulnerable people in northern Ontario.”

Last January, and in the spring, the Rangers were part of a series of similar programs to help fly CV-19 vaccines for the first time in northern Ontario.

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Canadian Rangers to Help Distribute Vaccines in Northern Ontario | Nation World News

Vaccination is promising when Covide-19 cases are raised in Ontario, Manitoba

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in many parts of the country, with Manitoba restoring some restrictions and Ontario suspending plans to lift additional restrictions. But high immunization rates and immunization permits are giving hope to many. 2 1 01

“Since the onset of the epidemic, the Rangers have been committed to immunization efforts in remote and northern communities and we are grateful to have members who are able to call in when the need arises,” Blair said.

The district hopes to deliver a third CV-19 vaccine to all eligible candidates. First and second dose for children 5-11 years, after approval; And first and second vaccines for those 12 years of age and older who have not yet been vaccinated.

Covide-19 is making a big comeback in northeastern Ontario.

There are more than 400 active cases in the region, and in some districts, the epidemic is now more severe than ever in the last 20 months.

What is happening all over Canada?

Manitoba and Saskatchewan currently stand as two hot spots of Canada’s Cove-19, according to the latest Canadian Government Epidemiology Update.

As of Friday, Manitoba had the highest number of COVID-19 cases in Canada, with 84 out of 100,000 cases. Only the Yukon and the Northwest Territories were of great value to the country.

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Canadian Rangers to Help Distribute Vaccines in Northern Ontario | Nation World News

Delays in surgery Albertaans are heading south.

Alberta has delayed more than 45,000 surgeries due to the epidemic, creating years of long-term replacement. Now, many potential buyers are heading south and paying for surgery. 1 ፡ 55

The escalation has prompted the Manitoba government to introduce new public health directives targeting children and unvaccinated churchgoers around the district. The district postponed some surgeries to clear the area of ​​intensive care.

Neighboring Saskatchewan had the worst COVID-19 deaths in Canada, with 2.4 deaths per 100,000 people in the past seven days.

However, the death toll for covand-19 in the state appears to be declining overall. Saskatchewan also saw a decline in new issues and reported only 53 new issues on Saturday.

What is happening around the world?

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Canadian Rangers to Help Distribute Vaccines in Northern Ontario | Nation World News

‘No country can easily get vaccinated against the epidemic’ – WHO

“Vaccines do not replace other precautions,” warns World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tewodros Adhanom Gebre-Jesus. In addition to vaccination, he urged people to follow the limits of the epidemic. 2 ፡ App 49

Over 252.8 million COVID-19 cases were reported worldwide on Saturday evening, according to the International Data Center at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Globally, the death toll has risen to more than 5 million.

In EuropeProtests erupted in the Dutch city of Leuwarden on Saturday night as new locks forced bars and restaurants in the Netherlands to close at 8 a.m., according to media reports. Locked ordered closing time.

Nearly 85 percent of the adult population in the Netherlands has been fully vaccinated, but on Thursday the National Institutes of Health registered 16,364 new positive tests in 24 hours – the highest number ever in an outbreak that has killed more than 18,600 people in the Netherlands.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a video message on Saturday that people who have not been vaccinated should reconsider their decision.

Canadian Rangers to Help Distribute Vaccines in Northern Ontario | Nation World News
A man in a wheelchair was vaccinated on Friday outside a mobile immunization center in Deutsburg. (AFP / Getty Images)

Germany’s seven-day event – the number of people infected with the virus in 100,000 last week – rose to 277.4 on Saturday, according to the Robert Koch Institute. The third typhoon was recorded last December at 197.6.

Russia, for its part, reported the highest number of COVID-19 deaths every day, and the total number of cholera virus infections in the country increased to nine million during the outbreak. Russia launched a “non-operational” week in early November, shutting down many businesses to stem the spread of infections.

in the AmericaThe United States has delivered more than 9.5 million covad-19 vaccines in the past seven days, the highest total since the end of May, the White House said on Saturday. Vaccination for children between the ages of five and 11, which began this week, has contributed to the overall.

in the Asia-Pacific South Korean women’s soccer coach Colin Bell has been admitted to hospital after being confirmed by CV-19, the Korean Football Federation (KFA) announced on Saturday. The Englishman underwent a positive test last week after returning from a two-match stint in the United States last week, according to news agency Yonhap.

In AfricaModerna offered to sell the vaccine to the African Union for $ 7 per shot, according to the head of the African Center for Disease Control.


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