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Cancer: The silent symptoms that can tell you something serious is going on

Cancer is one of the deadliest types of diseases. This occurs when cells grow and multiply faster than normal, which allows them to spread into the surrounding tissue.

In addition to the widely known warning signs, there are some silent symptoms that should not be ignored. We tell you.

Early diagnosis of any type of cancer can allow for much earlier treatment and increase the chance of symptom control and disease progression.

In this sense, it is important to know these signs so that prevention can be done and if needed, advice from an expert can be taken.

According to the US National Institutes of Health the most common cancers in the world are breast, lung, prostate, colon and skin. These are some of the silent symptoms that should be taken care of in order to detect them in time.

skin condition

Skin conditions can be caused by allergic reactions or injuries, but in some cases they can also be a sign of more serious diseases, such as cancer.

Along these lines, experts recommend being attentive to redness, extreme itching or blisters, which can appear anywhere on the skin and may last for a long time or cause pain.

unintentional weight loss

Sudden weight loss in men and women can be a symptom of cancers such as colon, stomach and other digestive tract cancers. In this sense, it is advisable to see a specialist if there is no specific reason.

While this may not seem serious, continued and unwarranted weight loss can lead to serious problems in the future, such as with the immune system.

gastrointestinal conditions

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are signs, such as satiety for no apparent reason, that can indicate problems such as cancer, and which are most often ignored.

Because gastrointestinal problems usually have a very precise cause, the expert recommendation is to visit a doctor when they recur for no apparent reason and request tests to rule out serious diseases that are the underlying cause.

According to global health authorities, breast cancer is the most common in terms of reported cases in the world. Photo: iStock

changes in urine

Sudden changes, both in the form and frequency of urine, without any justification can be a symptom of bladder cancer, which is one of the most common in the world.

Furthermore, it may indicate undiagnosed prostate cancer in severe cases, and which may not become apparent until the most aggressive stages in which there is not much chance of effective treatment.

general fatigue

Generalized fatigue can appear as a sequel to Covid-19 and other viral diseases that debilitate the body and need to be treated over a long period of time.

However, it can also be a warning sign in almost any disease, so it is extremely important to investigate whether it is a recurring symptom and not strenuous physical exercise or some other condition that is causing it. .


Lumps are usually one of the most obvious symptoms of certain cancers, such as breast cancer, which is the most common in the world. In fact, they have stopped testing them as they have been doing since the COVID-19 pandemic.

In that sense, experts have told women and men not to leave any lump that appears suddenly and causes pain or does not go away in a few days. It is extremely important, especially for women who are most affected by breast cancer, to have regular check-ups, both self-exams and with a professional.

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