Cande Molfice’s comment on Tiny Stossel that angered Lali fans: her explanation

Cande Molfese clarifies remarks about Lali Esposito, after receiving criticism on the network

on Wednesday redness esposito attended the program no one says anything Led by Nico Ochiato on his Luzu TV channel. A few hours before the artist spoke with an open heart, Cande Molfice mentioned to Tiny Stossel And his comment was not well received on social media. actress and singer clarified what it means Via a video, after reading messages on Twitter about alleged comparisons between pop idols.

is part of the staff of Molfese before anyonethe circle that drives Diego LeucoNear Micah Vazquez You Chasm, and they were in charge of reminding the audience that Lali would be a guest at the next event on the grid. During a relaxed conversation, Cande gave a nod to one of the producers, and the gesture caught the attention of Luco, who wanted to know what they were doing behind the scenes. In that confused moment, the actress began the shocking comment: “It’s not like Tiny’s gonna come to sing, don’t worry”,

His companions were amazed, and the driver reminded him: “But Lali is yet to appear in the next show”, Molphys, who was part of the series Violetta Where he was Stossel’s colleague, he ignored Luco’s explanation, and stood firm on his position: “I am still waiting for Tiny to return to Argentina because I would like him to be on our schedule.” After a few minutes, criticism started pouring in on the little bird’s social network, where Lali’s fans got angry.

Lali Esposito was in Nobody Says Nothing the day Cande Molfice made a comment about Tiny Stossel

“Candy Molfice doesn’t hide his anger with Lali, and to put an end to it, he put Tiny in?”; ,How can no one ignore the only Queen of Argentina like this!“, “excess good waves, but his true personality escaped him”, were some of the messages that filled Twitter, while the most anticipated interview took a beating. On Thursday morning, the Influencer with more than 7 million followers on Instagram shared a detailed account of the event along with a video.

,I want to make it clear because whatever they are saying, with which, take the time to watch it, ”Cande wrote in his stories. And he pointed to the moment Lucco was distracted by his conversation with someone behind the scenes: “Here I give the producer a nod to an idea that happened to me today.” In this sense, he revealed that he was telling her that he had brought a group activity to Chakra: “What was coming was playing Jenga and they did some wow, and So I made that comment without noticing that the redness was coming because I would never compare them,

Along with a video in selfie mode, he asked: “Do you get it? I was talking to the producer in private that we were going to jenga with clothes, as simple as that; So they got excited thinking that something is about to happen. Wow and not. However, he created a Mea criminal, instead of another artist, to use Tiny as an example. “My comment was like: ‘You guys be cool anyway, it’s not like I’m going to propose a plan for life, we’re going to play Jenga, it’s not like Tiny is going to sing’, I could say Dua Lipa, George Drexler… I don’t know, it came to mindOn Twitter, he also expressed his appreciation for Esposito for resolving the issue: “I uploaded the cut to Instagram since yesterday! so that everything becomes clear. I’ve been a fan of redness practically since I was born,

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