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‘Candyman’, the monster who gave candy and chocolates to abuse and kill children

the way that Dean Coral The attracted people were weird and creepy. Sweet seller, as he was known, attracted the attention of children by giving them chocolates and sweets and then hitting them. Dean kidnapped, raped and murdered 28 innocent children along with two accomplices.

Raped, tortured and buried in a field, what appeared to be the bodies of about twenty minors discovered by authorities in the Northwest in the 70s houstonAmerica.

Some time later, thanks to the confession of one of Candyman’s accomplices, they managed to identify 10 more minors who had disappeared during 1970 and 1973.

Over time, in addition to Candyman’s nickname, they began to call him Willy Wonka Asino.

Actors who played Candyman in a scene from the movie: "In a Mad Men's World (2015).

Actor playing Candyman in a scene from the movie: “In a Madman’s World (2015).

problems and rejection

Dean Arnold Coral was born in late 1939 Indiana, United States, He lived a childhood complicated by the constant quarrels of his parents, Mary Robinson and Arnold Coral. After years of debate, the couple divorced in 1945.

Dean was an introverted child with few friends. In the first years of his life, it was difficult for him to socialize with people and because of this he was less accepted by his classmates.

Years later, as a teenager, he moved to live with his mother. memphis, where he entered the United States Air Force, although this only lasted briefly. The reason for putting it out was that it was revealed that Coral era gay.

At the same time, his mother remarried and opened a business in the candy and sweets sector, which Dean helped.

So much so that, in 1963, Dean’s mother divorced and opened her own candy chain called the “Corl Candy Company”, and two years later, the store moved across the street from Elementary School, where Dean handed out candy and he took the children. as employees.

candy man debut

Dean was crazy about kids: he was 24 when he befriended 12-year-old sixth grader David Brooks, whom he gave candy. This created a relationship of trust between the two, which would end The sexual side of the child.

This is how he started giving his products to the boys after leaving the school. For this reason, very soon they began to call him “Candyman”.

But the sweets granted were not for advertising effect to make their products known: they were part of a sinister plan that no one had imagined.

After meeting David in 1967, David introduced him two years later elmer henley (14). Two children They were going to be a participant in the crimes of Candyman, He did the same thing with both: first he gave them jobs and, when he gained their trust, he offered $200 for each victim he had in his clutches.

three killers

The first victim of a trio of assassins led by Candyman was in 1970. Dean met the young Jeffrey Conan (18) while the victim was a “hit-traveller on the road”. TexasWhere years later the body was found tied up, raped and buried in a vacant lot.

In his confession, Elmer explained where the bodies of the victims were.

In his confession, Elmer explained where the bodies of the victims were.

The modus operandi of Dean Corle’s murder was as follows: he captured the children via two vehicles owned by him, took them home with the promise of a party, the victims were forced to call their parents that they OK and then they were beaten, tortured, raped and killed.

Several bullets were fired at some of the dead bodies with pistols. Once dead, Dean wrapped them in plastic wrap and buried them in different places. gross, He committed 28 murders.

candy man ending

By the beginning of 1973, the number of victims included in the list of the dead was widespread. However, that horrific slaughter of children and teenagers had an end point.

On 7 August 1973, Elmer Henley invited a new victim (Timothy Kerley, 19) to Corle’s house, who accepted and went for a few drinks, although he did not have a third member in attendance: Ronde Williams (15) . ), who also appeared because he had a fight with his father and did not want to spend the night at his house.

By this time, Corll was already in the apartment and was initially annoyed by the girl’s appearance. His pattern of victims was clear, only children. Dean was so upset that in a fit of rage, he decided to kill Elmer as well. He administered drugs to the three teenagers and after two hours they all fell unconscious.

When the young men awoke they were tied up and naked, and Corle promised to have fun with them and then kill them. Faced with this situation, Henley manages to convince the killer that if he releases her it will help him accomplish his mission: the criminal believes in him and releases him.

As Elmer leads the other two boys into the room, where he has tied them upside down, Coral prepares his knives to carry out his plan.

Candyman's house is raided by the police and they find various torture devices.

Candyman’s house is raided by the police and they find various torture devices.

Candyman didn’t realize that Elmer reached for the .22 caliber gun, and after a strong argument for trying to kill him, he shot him several times. Dean crawled down the hall to his room and bleeding,

Elmer Henley called the police, who found in the house the ropes, handcuffs and tools with which Corle and his associates had murdered their victims.

Too, The companion told the police about the places where the bodies were buried and his involvement in the episode, making it easier for justice to prosecute Candyman’s assistants.

Elmer Henley and David Brooks were tried separately. The first was charged with six deaths, for which he was sentenced to 99 years in prison: he is still serving that sentence.

Meanwhile, Brooks received a life sentence for a single murder charge, but died of coronavirus in 2021 at the age of 65.

Elmer was sentenced to 99 years in prison, in 2025 he can apply for parole.

Elmer was sentenced to 99 years in prison, in 2025 he can apply for parole.

Came into cinema with Candyman’s terrifying story: “In a Madman’s World”, the film is based directly on the life of Elmer Henley, before, during, and shortly after his collusion with Dean Coral and David Brooks.

In addition to being on the big screen, his crimes were narrated in several fiction books, most notably: “Mass Murders in Houston” (1974), Dean Corral: The True Story of the Houston Mass Murders (2015) and “Horror in”. The Heights: The True Story of the Houston Mass Murders” (2015).

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