Candyman, the serial killer who tricked children into rape and murder with candy made before

Dean Arnold Coral, Candyman, serial killer and rapist of 28 boys and teens whom he deceived with candy he produced
Dean Arnold Coral, Candyman, serial killer and rapist of 28 boys and teens whom he deceived with candy he produced

The morning of Wednesday, August 8, 1973, passed peacefully until exactly 8:24 a.m., 911 operator for Pasadena police. Velma Lines Answered a call from a teenager.

– You better come now! I just killed a man! – Told.

-Where? Velma asked in shock.

-Lamar in 2020 – he replied.

It took just five minutes for the patrol car to arrive. The policemen found three youths – two men and one woman – sitting on the pavement. A few meters away the revolver was lying on the asphalt of the street.

– she is in. I killed him, I shot him five times – a young man called Elmer Henley.

The policemen handcuffed the three and one of them entered the house. Besides the dead man covered in blood, he saw boards against the wall, from which were hanging ropes and handcuffs and A shocking amount of sex toys.

The police radio went up. Less than an hour later, the place was filled with spies, uniformed police officers and forensic technicians. Then the police officers who arrived first put the youths on a patrol vehicle to take them to the police station for questioning. Other than 17-year-old Elmer, they were Rhonda Williams15 years old, and Timothy Cordell CareyFrom 17.

One of the agents read him his rights, including the right to remain silent.

Elmer Henley didn’t let that end:

– I do not mind! I have to get it out of me! – shouted at him.

What follows is the horrific murder raid of the man to go down in US criminal history ‘Candyman’ responsible for the deaths of 28 children and teenagers In just three years.

His name was Dean Arnold Corllwas 33 years old and will not live anymore, because was dead Whose body was scattered on the floor of the house.

Elmer was one of his companions. other, David Owen BrooksHe too, 17 years old, will be arrested a few hours later.

Dean Arnold Coral, a youth photo of Candyman
Dean Arnold Coral, a youth photo of Candyman

a shy and nice boy

Detectives from the Pasadena Police found it hard to believe that Dean Arnold Corll was a serial killer. for the community He was an exemplary young citizen that they have fulfilled their obligations towards the country in the army, affluent businessman and generous man with neighborhood children, what did they call him “Sweet seller” For his habit of feasting them from his factory.

He was born on 24 December 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. your parents were Mary Emma Robinson You Arnold Edwin Corll, who divorced in 1946, when Arnold, as the family called him, was 7 years old. After the separation, the mother moved to Memphis, Tennessee with her and her brother, Stanley Wayne.

Dean was a shy boy, who had a hard time bonding with his peers. At the age of 7, he suffered from rheumatic fever, which was not properly diagnosed until 1950, so He had to prescribe psychological treatment. That same year his parents remarried and moved to Pasadena.

His mother married in 1953 Jake Westa watchmaker, and the family moved to Vidor where Dean’s half-sister Joyce was born in 1955. The couple set up a small candy factory in the garage of the house, This will be the first step towards building a small but successful business.

There Dean worked day and night while going to school. He and his brother were given the responsibility of operating the machines and packaging the treats, while their stepfather sold them to kiosks and distributors.

From 1954 to 1958 Dean Corle attended Vidor High School, where he was recognized as a well behaved student with good grades, but also a loner. around that time, His only hobby seemed to be music bands. where he played the trumpet.

When Dean finished high school, the family decided to move to the outskirts of Houston, where most of the candy was sold. Open a Store Named “Pecan Prince”, In 1960, at the request of his mother, Dean moved with his grandmother to Indiana. During that time he had an affair with a girl who proposed to him in 1962, but he refused and returned to his family, who had already settled in Houston Heights.

He moved to an apartment above the factory premises and When his mother got divorced, he became the Vice President of the company Corll Candy Company.

Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Companion of the candyman who killed him and confessed to the crimes.  Today he has been sentenced to life imprisonment
Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Companion of the candyman who killed him and confessed to the crimes. Today he has been sentenced to life imprisonment

army and return

But Dean wanted to prove himself and He joined the army in 1964. He was posted to Fort Polk, Louisiana and then to Fort Benning, Georgia, where he trained as a radio operator and radio repairman. According to army files – after his crimes were discovered – His service record was impeccable.

Out of all, he did not spend much time in uniform, as he requested leave due to ongoing economic difficulties at the family’s factory, which was left in the hands of his mother. It was bestowed upon him with honors on June 11, 1965. Years later, some of his colleagues would report that He had many sexual adventures with other soldiers while on the force.

Back home, he resumed as vice president of the candy company and engaged in a legal dispute with his former stepfather, who claimed half. Thanks to Dean’s efforts, the company took off again, who crossed the factory from Helms Elementary School. what was considered a marketing strategy, Started giving your products to children when he left school. For this reason, very soon They began to call him “Candyman”.

But the ultimate purpose of the given sweets was not the advertising effect to make their products famous, but they were part of a sinister plan Which no one could have imagined.

He started putting it into practice when he met two 14-year-old boys at the time and made them his companions. His name was David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.

She met David in 1967 and turned him into her lover, She met Elmer two years later through David. To both he did the same thing: first he gave them work in the factory and when he gained their trust, Offered them $200 for each victim that he put in his paws.

some of candyman's victims
some of candyman’s victims

Elmer’s Confession About Candyman

When the police stopped them, Henley and Brooks were absolutely opposed to the attitude. They couldn’t get a word out of Brooks; rather than Henley – as he announced from the first moment – spoke up to his elbow to “get him out”.

All that could be known about Candyman was due to his confession on August 9, which was recorded in the records of the trial to which he was subject.

There he told:

“About 3 years ago, I met a guy named Dean Coral. Dean was much older than me and a friend from school named David Brooks introduced me to him. David was always in Dean’s car and everything. I was only 14 at the time and I thought it was great. David Brooks told me he could get me a deal where I could make some money, and he took me to Dean Corral. Dean told me he belongs to an organization in Dallas that buys and sells children, does prostitution and deals in drugs and the like. Dean told me he would pay me at least $200 for every baby I could bring him and maybe more if they were really hot. Dean had a GTX at the time, and Dean and I got into it and started driving. We picked a guy in 11th and Studwood, and I talked to him because he had long hair and all and it was easy for me to talk to him. I convinced him to go to Dean’s apt to smoke some weed, so we went to Dean’s apartment. There he tied his hands and feet and put adhesive tape on his mouth. I thought I was going to sell it to the organization and I walked away with $200.”

just the next day, Elmer found that Dean had not sold the victim, but had killed her.

“The next day I found out that he had killed her and also that he had fucked her before killing her. That was the beginning of the whole thing, and Since then, I’ve helped Dean have another 8 or 10 kids, I can’t remember exactly how many. Dean screwed them all up and sometimes sucked and sucked them in. Then he will kill them. I killed several of them with Dean’s gun myself and helped him suffocate some others. Then we took them and buried them at different places. David Brooks was with us most of the time. I think the only three where David Brooks was not with us were the last in the house on Lamar Street in Pasadena,” he told detectives.

So, in detail, 28 reported kidnapping, rape and murder. Several boys were tricked by the promise of candy. The police found it difficult to believe them. he did this only when Elmer took them one after the other to the places where the eight bodies were buried.

David Brooks, one of Candyman's two teammates.  latest photo of life imprisonment
David Brooks, one of Candyman’s two teammates. latest photo of life imprisonment

cause of death

– Why did you kill the coral? – the detectives asked Elmer, already convinced.

“David and I talked about killing Dean so we could get away with it all and many times, I’ve come within an inch of killing him, but I wasn’t so nervous to do it until yesterday, because Dean Told me that his organization would kill him.” He replied, “If I ever do anything to him I’ll catch him.”

According to Elmer, he would never have dared to kill Corle if things didn’t go awry on the night of August 7, when He made the mistake of taking a friend to Candyman’s house, which he had never done before.

He said it was by chance, as everything was going smoothly. i was able to Timothy Cordell Carey, 19, would go with him to smoke marijuana at Corll’s. He already had the next victim, which would bring him another $200. However, on the way he met a 15-year-old friend, Rhonda Williams, who was crying on the road because his father had hit him. He decides to take her with him and asks Corle to shelter him in his house that night.

when they arrived Coral was angryBut suddenly it seemed to have calmed down. He gave them alcohol and drugs until Timothy, Rhonda and Elmer fainted themselves.

When they got up – Elmer said – they were strangled and handcuffed. Coral threatens her by pointing her revolver at his temple, but he is able to pacify her by promising to participate in the torture of the other two, and then releases her.

Candyman offers her a hunting knife and orders her to cut off Ronda’s clothes while torturing Timothy. As Corle turned his back on him, Elmer grabbed the revolver he had left on the table and shot him in the head. Then he pulled the trigger four times.

-I dropped the boys and called 911. all i have to say is – He finished his statement.

This is how the true story of Candyman and its bloody ending is revealed. Elmer Henley and David Brooks were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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