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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Captain and Badal are equally responsible for the ruin of Punjab- Kulatar Singh Sandhwan

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Chandigarh: The Aam Aadmi Party accused the Congress and the Akali Dal of ruining Punjab and held them responsible for the ruin, saying that both the parties always betrayed the people of the state while in power. In a statement issued from the party headquarters, AAP MLA and Kisan Watar president of the party’s farmer wing said that whatever is going wrong in Punjab today is happening only because of the anti-people policies of these two parties.

He said that both Captain Amarinder Singh and Prakash Singh Badal are equally responsible for the destruction of Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh had made many promises to the people by taking Gutkha Sahib in his hands during the elections before coming to power, but has forgotten all his promises in the intoxication of power. He said that Captain Amarinder should apologize to the people of Punjab for making false promises and hurting the sentiments of the people.

Taking a dig at the Akali Dal, he said that today Punjab stands on the verge of ruin due to corruption and sin committed by the Akalis. Referring to the rallies being organized by the Akali Dal in Punjab, he said that the Akalis should organize repentance rallies instead of doing political rallies for their misdeeds.

The people of Punjab are now demanding an answer to the Congress-Akali rule of the last 25 years.

He said that the Akalis disrespected the Guru Granth Sahib ji and the Captain took false oath taking Gutkha Sahib ji in his hand. Both hurt the religious sentiments of the people. Even today, 74 years after independence, the people of Punjab are deprived of basic facilities. The parties in power always looted the resources of Punjab and worked to fill their pockets.


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