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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Car Buying Tips: Here are 5 things every Indian should take care of before buying the first car, read this report

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The dream of a normal car is almost everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to talk to the wind while filling the road in their dream car. But before buying your first dream car, you need to take some special precautions. So that you can choose the best ride according to your needs and budget. Usually, when buying a new car, the first question that comes to the mind of every Indian customer is about budget and mileage. There are a few points that you can choose from after considering the right car, so let’s find out about those 5 special things –

1) – Budget decision:

The most important decision when buying any car is the budget. Prove to yourself what your budget is and how much money you can spend. How much down payment you can make to pay for the vehicle and how many monthly installments will not be a burden on your pocket. The cheapest car in the Indian market is the Maruti Alto, which has a starting price of Rs 2.99 lakh, besides these other models are more expensive. So set your budget first.

2) – Understand your needs:

There are expensive and affordable cars in every category from market entry level hatchback cars to expensive sedans, SUVs and MPVs. Once you have decided on the budget, choose the category according to your needs. If you have a family of 4 to 5 people and want to buy a car with better mileage on a low budget, you can choose a car like hatchback from Maruti Alto like Swift or Tata Tiago. In addition to these if you have a large family and you want more space then you can choose SUV or MPV cars like Maruti Breza, Hyundai Creta, Maruti Ertiga, Toyota Innova etc.

All in all, finalize the car according to your needs. Many premium features like sunroof, cruise control, more airbags are available in expensive cars. ), Electronic brake force distribution etc. (EBD) and rear parking sensor. You will be seen in every car.

Advice for first time car buyers in India

3) – Do full research:

A car is not just a tool it proves to be a better ally in your life. So before choosing any car, do research on it. By researching here, we want to say select some models according to the category and need and get the most information about them. For this, you can talk to dealerships, online or even your well-wishers. Don’t just go for the look or design of the car, take care of other related expenses like maintenance, mileage and accessories.

4) – Petrol or diesel:

This is a question that almost every car buyer jumps on. It is often the case that people cannot decide whether to buy a petrol car or a diesel car. The answer is with you too, just need a little calculation. Let’s understand this, today the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 90.40 per liter and the price of diesel is Rs 80.73. That is, there is a difference of only 10 rupees between the two fuels. There was a time when there was a difference of 25 to 30 rupees between these two. Times were different, but things have changed today.

Petrol or diesel

In general, there is a significant difference between the prices of petrol and diesel cars and people choose diesel cars because of the mileage. But for this, they also pay extra huge amount of money when buying a car. For example, the entry-level Magna petrol variant of the Hyundai i20 is priced at Rs 6.85 lakh and the same Magna diesel model is priced at Rs 8.19 lakh. Its petrol model gives mileage up to 20.35 kpl and diesel model up to 25.2 kppl.

There is a clear difference of about Rs 1.34 lakh in the price of these two cars, while the features and other technologies other than the engine are exactly the same. Now if you think that you can drive your diesel car so much that only the extra amount paid for it can be recovered due to the extra mileage then you can choose diesel. Generally, diesel cars are only recommended for those who use them commercially, as they have to travel more every day. If you travel more than 100 kilometers per day, you can choose the diesel model. Keep in mind that diesel cars also cost more to maintain.

Advice for first time car buyers in India

5) – Take a test drive:

After implementing all the points mentioned above, your next step will be to test a few selected cars. Yes, include two or more cars on your purchase list and check all cars on the go. During a test drive, try to drive the car on all kinds of road conditions such as on a bad road from city planes to skirts. For this, you can drive the car in a field. When driving, take full care of vehicle handling, suspension, steering command, braking control and mileage. Because of what companies claim, sometimes in the real world results differ from their claims. So take a test drive and finalize your first dream car.

Note: The price of the car here is given according to the ex-showroom Delhi. The mileage of the car varies depending on the driving style and road conditions.


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