Car of the Day: Jeep Commander V8 5.7 HEMI

jeep commander v8 (3)

Jeep It is a brand with a particularly marked personality, even integrated with Stellantis, a large industrial group run by people from PSA, very used to sharing all kinds of elements between brands to save costs, Jeep maintains the original essence. It is true that there are many things shared and that not everything “smells” like Jeep, but the final result, the whole, there is no doubt about it.

The company yankee has managed to create a culture around it, almost a way of life that has particularly affected the most charismatic cars, such as Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Wrangler, which always try to take advantage of the full range, at launch in cars like him. Commander of the jeep. The Commander, let’s say, is a Grand Cherokee with seven seats and a real Jeep design, when the American firm clarified its origins. yankee.

The Jeep Commander is the first seven-seater of the brand and for its development, it is based on the Grand Cherokee platform and the goal is to offer a more luxurious vehicle and of course, something bigger than the Grand Cherokee. However, the Jeep Commander passed the market without pain or glory, it was a significant failure and in Europe we have not seen anything like it again, even if the Commander lived on the other side of the lim- well – it came to China too – with character in its seven seats but somewhat less luxurious aspirations.

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Appearing in 2006, shortly before a fierce crisis and in full European splendor, the Jeep Commander is presented as a great artifact, which stands for pure Jeep design and because of under the hood you can choose a big 5-speed HEMI V8. .7 liters, perfect atmosphere, of course. As we said before, essence is pure yankee and no self-respecting American car can survive without a big naturally aspirated V8 engine.

For the occasion, the V8 – of Chrysler origin – has 5,654 cubic centimeters, whose pistons have a remarkable stroke – 99.5 by 90.9 millimeters for the diameter of the stroke, respectively – and produces 326 HP at 5,000 revolutions and 500 Nm of torque at 4,000. It is combined with all-wheel drive and a five-speed automatic transmission and average consumption is estimated, according to the brand itself, at 15.5 liters. Apparently few were sold in Spain, and not only because it was an expensive car to maintain, it was because at the time the diesel fever was going on and the few Jeep Commanders sold were equipped with Mercedes diesels.

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However, it is clear that the Commanders sold in Spain, today, are a rarity and attract the attention of many.