Car of the day: SAAB 9-5 2.3T Aero

saab 9 5 (1)

SAAB, Svenska Aeroplan AktieBolaget, as “Swedish Aircraft Limited Company”. What a sad end for a particular manufacturer, isn’t it? And all because General Motors wants,,, What do they want? SAAB has always been one of the brands with the most personality in the world, not in vain, they started their activity in the production of airplanes – their name is not for show – and their history as an aeronautics company is always remain present, hence their particular designs.

Particularly innovative and cutting-edge designs and solutions, such as the use of supercharging. SAAB is one of the manufacturers that has mastered supercharging and successfully uses it in their engines – let’s not forget that supercharging comes from the world of airplanes. It has interesting models, such as SAAB 9-5 2.3T Aero a car framed in the E segment, where the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E Class are active, the German trio that everyone wants to beat.

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The SAAB 9-5 is a really interesting, original option and, as we said before, with a brutal personality, more than its rivals and even its Swedish compatriot, the Volvo S80, which should recognize that there is no lack of quality. personality or latest solutions. However, the 9-5 is more “special”, because of its design, the temperament of its engine, or because basically, there are fewer units than Volvo, especially its German rivals.

SAAB has a good command of turbo engines and does not miss the opportunity to put interesting versions of its cars in the fight.

The first generation of the SAAB 9-5 was launched on the market in 1997 and there were interesting versions such as the aforementioned 2.3T Aero, which was the most powerful in the range. It should be mentioned that SAAB, part of General Motors, shares many components with Opel and the 9-5 has a platform based on the Opel Vectra, but has been easily modified for the occasion, because the SAAB 9’5 bigger than the Vectra.

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If we return to the SAAB 9-5 2.3T Aero, we find a sedan – there is also a station wagon – that measures 4,827 millimeters in length, while the width reaches 1,792 millimeters and the weight increases to 1,645 gesture. In other words, it’s not really a small car, but it boasts of running at 250 km/h. This is due, of course, to its engine, the heart of the car, a 2,290 cubic centimeter four-cylinder, supercharged by a turbo and its corresponding intercooler, which produces 250 HP at 5,300 revolutions and 350 Nm of torque between of 1,900 and 4,000 revolutions.–There was a previous version with 230 HP–.

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It is not only powerful, it also boasts a sporty feeling, even without compromising on the compromise between comfort and driving dynamics, although the best of all, of course, is all that it offers in addition to compared to other models, except for the position and the operation. in the clausor, placed behind the gear selector and its happy system that forces you to do the reverse gear to get the key…