Caribbean Series: Raul Valdes leads Lisie to victory against Curacao

Caribbean Series: Raul Valdes leads Lisie to victory against Curacao

Neely pitching took over and completely dominated the Curaçao hitters en route to the Dominican champions’ third victory in the tournament.

There was a fierce pitching duel between the starters Lissie Tigers, Raul Valdes Saved one of his best performances of the entire winter ball season for his second appearance in caribbean series 2024 completely dominates the batsmen of Curacao Five innings of 71 pitches, two hits and seven strikeouts with no saves.

behind this valdes they went out to throw Fernando Abad, Naftali Mubarak, Jessie Mejia this Gyro Asencio That combined to keep the Curaçao hitters blank for four innings, striking out three batters and allowing one hit for a collective total.

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For its part, the opener of Curacao, cody mincey also had an excellent performance, working six and third innings in which he allowed five hits, one clean return and struck out three opponents with 84 pitches.

behind this mincee relievers Kelly, van group this spitzbarth They tried to keep the Dominican attack going and although they were successful for a good part of the game, they could not prevent another score by the Blues.

How did he score?

loss Lissie Tigers They took the lead in the bottom of the fourth inning. entrance opened from gustavo nunez One hit, then another hit ramon hernandez And then another single into left field calm down Joe brought up the first home run of his Dominican career.

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The Tigers’ second run came in the bottom of the eighth inning thanks to consecutive hits. Emilio Bonifacio this gustavo nunez This was followed by a sacrifice fly to center fielder. robinson cannon,

Upcoming commitments

Tigres del Licey will face Panama’s representatives, Federal de Chiriquí, on Wednesday, while Curaçao Suns will square off against Criollos de Caguas to close out both teams’ first-leg calendars.


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