Carloni confirms Buonanot is staying and the club will “compensate” him

The clarification from Central came after the club’s board of directors decided that talented midfielder Faisundo Buonanot had not been transferred to Brighton in the Premier League after talks for a significant sum were called off. Vice President Ricardo Carloni (practicing the presidency before Rodolfo di Polina’s license) assured that the decision was made after listening to the wishes of the partners and fans, and assured that the rogue institution would compensate the 17-year-old youth. He also responded to the player’s rep, who pointed out that the rogue managers acted in a “clown” manner.

Carloni gave a press conference where he was resolute, and he went for even more: “Buonanot and (forward Alejo) Veliz are not for sale,” he said with the decision not to move the young players with a significant launch. asked to argue.

And as far as the explanation for why the decision was made not to part with Buenanotte, he acknowledged that “one has to listen to the partners and the fans. When 95 percent say they don’t want a player.” be sold …”

In that sense, he took the opportunity to clarify that “I am not looking for political interest. I am looking for the interest of the club. I am not a candidate. It has to be defined by the Board of Directors. But as a candidate.” In form, I have a lot to say. I like to speak and be clear. I have nothing to hide.”

He immediately added that “we want to enjoy Buonanot for a long time. We don’t want to make the mistake that the other leadership made. And we believe that the player is worth more.”

As for the statement of the talented midfielder about his desire to continue his career in the English team, he said: “You have to understand the player. Of course they offered him a contract that changed his life. That’s why I say that.” It was very difficult. He is 17 and has a life ahead of him for me to make this decision.”

“We’re going to give the player a very important contract. We’re going to try to compensate him as a club,” he continued.

He also referred to statements from the player’s representative, Roberto San Juan, who called the commission a “clown” for the way the transfer was canceled when negotiations were agreed. “He looks after the interests of the player. I am from Central. When the time comes we will sit down to talk. He is a man of the club,” he said. And he added: “The board of directors is not a prankster. We made the decision we had to make.”


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