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Carlos Alberto Montaner: Animal Farm Republican

rebellion broke out in Republican Party Adverse Donald Trump and, to some extent, against Kevin McCarthy, What happened to Trump and McCarthy is the worst that could happen to them: an attack from the right, blessed or damned – depending on how you look at it – “Freedom Caucus”.

According to the NYT: Someone to the right of Trump and McCarthy plans to use Congress to reshape the government. Although it sounds strange, there is always a person on the right side of Genghis Khan. In the same way, there is always a person to the left of Vladimir Ilyich (aka “Lenin” or Leon Bronstein, aka “Trotsky”). What a habit of Russians to complicate everything with useless pseudonyms!

McCarthy needed 218 votes. In one vote after another, he fell short by a handful of votes. but, Enmity and favoritism are the refuge of personal issues and have little to do with ideologies. McCarthy hesitated to defend Trump. As he is basically a serious and honest person, he could not with a proper face repeat Joe Biden He had lost the November 2020 elections, and “allegedly” cheated to win them. but the worst was January 6, 2021when those lunatics rebelled capitol And they demanded the execution of Nancy Pelosi and VP Mike Pence. McCarthy did not approve of the violence and his annoyance was visible.

When I lived in the United States, I’d have breakfast or lunch with a Republican who hated Trump and gave big bucks to the party. It seemed to him that everything Trump touched turned to manure. “It’s a reverse Midas”, he told me and laughed at his “discovery” as if it were original. I don’t know how many people among the “barons” think like him—with a b for ass—but I do know that the Bush family hates him and that he was of that Republican line. they had no doubt that white House Its best tenant had been lost. I was sure that Jeb Bush would make a great president.

Is Trump the first US President to be sentenced to prison? The very popular Camilo Agna asked Juris Doctor Rafael Peñalvar, an expert on the US Constitution, on CNNE. In my opinion, Donald Trump is doing everything possible so that this does not happen. That’s why he first declared himself as the candidate. His advisers persuaded him that the “Democrats” would not dare to try if he was the Republican nominee. They did not believe in the independent functioning of the powers of the federal government. They are not “Democrats”. This is the inertia of the government. As much as they try to stop it, they cannot stop it.

The Congress Committee has submitted its report on the developments of January 6, 2021. There are more than 800 pages filled with evidence: eyewitness testimony, emails from Trump’s lawyers, and Trump himself, pressuring Georgia’s secretary of state, Republican civil engineer Brad Raffensperger, to ignore thousands of votes cast and deny him that what actually happened. in the elections.

Raffensperger didn’t let that happen and earned the respect of every respected person in the country. That, apart from the tax return scam, and the efforts of Trump, it is not known that in some years he has not paid a single dollar of tax. Essentially, it came up with the story of Al Capone going to prison not for people he murdered directly or indirectly, but for lying on tax returns. There was an undeniable element of objectivity in those statements.

If Donald Trump can’t even discipline the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, that group will have to get rid of a leader who has created confusion in American society., and is also dedicated to destroying the conditions that made it the leading nation of the free world after World War II. If there is any country that has developed economically, scientifically and intellectually in the last seventy-five years, it is the United States of America.

Animal Farm states that “all animals are equal before the law… only some are more equal than others.” The lapse of that principle must be corrected before it is too late.

*Carlos Alberto Montaner is a journalist and author.

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