Carlos Bacca reaches 12 goals with Junior in Liga and Carlos ‘Pibe’ Valderrama’s prediction comes true | Football curiosities

 Carlos Bacca reaches 12 goals with Junior in Liga and Carlos 'Pibe' Valderrama's prediction comes true |  Football curiosities

Without Carlos Bacca it is unlikely that Atlético Junior will qualify for the semi-finals of the BetPlay II League; and without his goals, it is possible that the shark has no mathematical chance of becoming a finalist in group A, although it seems impossible to achieve it.

With Wednesday’s goal, in the 1-1 draw against Águilas Doradas on date 4 of quadrangular A, Bacca Ahumada reached 12 goals in League II, so he completed 14 points in the second half of 2023 , adding to the 2 he scored in the BetPlay Cup.

And considering that many doubted his hierarchy, especially considering that before the start of the second half of the year he did not trust the former coach Hernán Darío Gómez, who told him that he was not the first option in attack . Bacca stayed and earned his space to become important again.

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But there was one behind him with a closed eye; who asked for a chance for Bacca and defended the scorer, was Carlos the ‘Pibe’ Valderrama, symbol of Junior and Colombian football.

Last June, before the start of the championship, the mythical ’10’ of the shark, in the dialog of the program ‘Espacio Rejado’, of the journalist Hollman Feliciano, dared to launch a sentence, a prediction about whether what will Bacca do with Junior.

“You know what, I will make it public, watch carefully what I say, because I will commit myself, if Carlos Bacca plays, if they allow, he will be 12. goals, and I will fail. See what I said. If Carlos Bacca plays, be careful, if he plays, in Junior now in six months he has scored 12 goals. Yes he plays! Yes he plays! Because I don’t want them to tell me this and that, because if he doesn’t play obviously he won’t score goals. But when he plays, he scores 12 goals,” said Valderrama.

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Bacca scored 12 goals in the League, and every time he scored, Junior was unbeaten. He has two games left to add goals to his tally; but most of all, look for the miracle of home runs.

The forward thanked ‘Pibe’ for blindly trusting him at the start of the semester… He missed asking for the lottery number.