Carlos III and COP28, a turning point in the climate fight

Carlos III and COP28, a turning point in the climate fight

The king Charles III of the United Kingdom He stated this Friday that he prayed “with all his heart” that COP28 would be “another turning point” towards “a real change” in fight the climate crisis, at the opening of the second day of the summit in Dubai. The sovereign, who attended the COP21 where the historic Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, recalled that for many years he tried to “warn about the existing threat” of global warming.

In his speech, he warned that, although progress has been made, “we are still very far” from the goal of saving the planet. “Real action is needed” to protect the most vulnerable victims, he told a hearing on world leaders and negotiators. «Change can be achieved by working together and accelerating adoption decisions that sustain our world instead of proceeding as if there are no limits or as if our actions have no consequences,” he said.

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Carlos III urged the attendees to Climate summit at the UN to face “with ambition and imagination” the challenge of agreeing on the necessary measures and to “seize the opportunity to keep our common hope alive.” The king raised five questions that, in his opinion, could guide the goals of the summit. First, how to strengthen public, private, philanthropic and charitable organizations to address the climate crisis.

Second, he emphasized the importance of guaranteeing “financial flows” for the most important initiatives, and also proposed as a third point to facilitate the implementation of green alternatives, such as renewable energy in all sectors.

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Fourthly, the monarch outlined how to combine different solutions to “guarantee consistent long-term approaches to industries and countries”, and finally he called for “a new ambitious vision ” in the next hundred years. “The earth is not ours, we belong to the earth” concluded the British head of state, who stressed that “the vision of the world of indigenous communities It teaches us that we are all connected.