Carlos Sainz: “We will still need Red Bull’s help to continue the fight for the World Cup”

Carlos Sainz: "We will still need Red Bull's help to continue the fight for the World Cup"

Charles Leclerc’s mistake in the French GP when he was first It has been a jug of cold water, rather frozen, for Ferrara’s aspirations.Ri to fight for the Drivers’ World Championship. Monegasque recognized his driving error and wasted a golden opportunity to cut points from Verstappen. Charles’ partner Carlos Sainz has assessed Ferrari’s options.

Leclerc 66 points behind Verstappen

Recent Formula 1 World Champion That Leclerc. is the leader of the World Cup with a difference of 66 points with respect toWith 11 races still anything to be played but it is a very difficult distance to close, especially given the continuing reliability problems that Ferrari has shown over the course of the season.

Certainly, the Italian single-seater is the most powerful and fastest on the grid, however, The balance between speed and reliability has not yet been achieved, something that Red Bull has achieved. Both started the season with problems, with Verstappen having to retire in Bahrain and Australia but since then he has always scored points, and most of the times he has finished first or second. This is not the case with Leclerc and Ferrari.

“it’s clear that What we have to do for Ferrari is to win the race that Max wants to win, There are many things that can go up, there is always a big fight between the two teams. It will continue like this until the end of the season”, said Carlos Sainz of the World Cup fight.

Sainz has retired in 4 races

My sanzo Knows what causes reliability problems and even misfortunes in the race (Dropped out in Italy, Australia, Azerbaijan and Austria), there are 4 races in which he scored 0 points and in most of them due to mechanical problems, Carlos, unfortunately, will be fighting to become world champion. However, the one that is closest is Leclerc.

“The battle is open but we will need help from Red Bull”

“some time We still need some help from Red Bull, which does not eliminate race or credibility, but is open. Until that is possible, you have to keep believing and do whatever you can to win. In the fight, stay in the fight”, concluded the Madrilaneian.

This weekend, Sainz expects to have a positive and calm weekend, a circuit where Ferrari is fast and where it isSpanish could opt for victory to join World CupYes, he will always be behind Leclerc in strategy.