Carmen Otte decided to ignore Juan Ortega’s calls and chose to remain silent

Carmen Otte decided to ignore Juan Ortega's calls and chose to remain silent

The lives of Carmen Otte and Juan Ortega changed forever just over a week ago. After the bullfighter scare, a curtain of uncertainty fell on a relationship that is now impossible to separate from the media spectrum. From the reason for sitting to the future of the two, going through the intentions of one and the plans of the other. Although there is a secret that characterizes the actions of the two in recent days, the truth is that little by little some details come to light whose meaning will be real light.

The TardeAR team traveled to the neighborhood of the couple and was able to contact a neighbor whose testimony left an indelible piece of confusion in the theories of many. Although none of them have visited the house since the scare, relatives came to take some things from the property; There are many ways to relate this fact to a possible separation.

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From hanging up the phone to taking a vow of silence

Along these lines, Leticia Requejo, journalist and collaborator of the format presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, emphasized that the bullfighter called Otte several times in recent days, but that the cardiologist chose not to pick up the phone . This decision, he said, translates into a distancing marked by the bride.

This disconnection happened at the same time that he turned to his family and friends, who according to Requejo, advised him to take advantage of the free days that he had set aside for the honeymoon to visit his friends. .in a place where the stage of marital abandonment does not knock on the door of his mind.

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In addition, as Lecturas assures, Otte’s own inner circle also decided to adopt a kind of vow of silence to be “a pineapple”, because the cardiologist continues to be “destroyed and drowned.” “I always got A’s, I had to be the best. He did everything to make his life perfect, he always ordered everything to be good for him. That her husband-to-be left her at the altar, that this happened to her, must be a terrible blow,” they said from around her.