Carolina Cruz revealed that her children inherited a unique talent from Lincoln Palomeque

Salvador - Son of Carolina Cruz

At 44 years old, Carolina Cruz from Tulu has established herself as one of the most popular television presenters in Colombia, a fact that has allowed her to accumulate a large amount of social networks, especially in his Instagram; platform where he recently announced the talent of his young children Matías and Salvador, who apparently inherited more things from their father, Lincoln Palomeque, than from him.

For 2021, the woman from Valle del Cauca and the Cucuteño actor decided to separate the blankets and end a relationship that lasted more than 14 years, and where together they saw their two little ones son’ who entered the world; who received psychological help to better cope with the separation from their parents.

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Despite the circumstances, Caro, who spends most of her days with her young children, is committed to offering them activities where they can clear their minds and remain like children full of joy. , something he often shows on his Instagram, where he has more than eight million followers.

Carolina Cruz revealed that her sons Matías and Salvador inherited a special talent from Lincoln Palomeque

Precisely, this website witnessed the way in which Cruz was completely surprised to see that his ‘children’ inherited one of the passions that his father enjoyed the most, soccer.

Through his Stories, the cast member of the morning show ‘Día a Día’, revealed several videos and photos where ‘Mati’ and ‘Salva’ were seen, dressed in the clothes of the Brazilian Soccer Team, training with the dedication of the ‘king sport’, in a park in the city of Bogotá.

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Salvador - Son Of Carolina Cruz
Matías And Salvador, Children Of Carolina Cruz