Casademont Zaragoza wants more

Casademont Zaragoza wants more

No one can stop Casademont. He destroyed all predictions with security and conviction, with unshakable faith in his own possibilities, and raised his ambitions in the domestic championship and the continental tournament. In the Endesa League, the Zaragoza team is in second position in the table, just one win away from the leadership; and in the Euroleague, in their debut season, they were inches away from starring in a major breakthrough: They remain in third place in Group A, after celebrating six days, and they are about to qualify for direct qualifiers. His competitive ability is admirable.

Reinforced by his last performances, Casademont visits the court of AZS Lublin this Wednesday (8 pm, Aragon TV), in the game on the seventh day of the Euroleague, which also closed the first round of the group stage. And the Aragonese team appeared in Poland in a privileged, very exciting situation, after obtaining up to four victories in the first six games of the competition. Now he is chasing a victory in Lublin which, in addition to consolidating the team in the third position in the table, will greatly strengthen your options to access the next round of the tournament – ​​a right to reach the first four finishers.

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“The sporting aspect doesn’t worry me. If we are at full capacity, this is a winnable game,” the coach announced. of Casademont, Carlos Cantero, who, however, also emphasized the difficulty of “any match in the Euroleague”, especially those who play “away from home.”

In addition, the Aragonese team was presented in Poland “in a perfect emotional state”, although far from its physical abundance. Except for the loss of Helena Oma –long-term injury–, there are three other players with different problems and, therefore, their presence on the court today is not guaranteed. These are Chris Diallo, Ainhoa​​​​Gervasini and Tanaya Atkinson, whose participation will probably be decided after the warm-up.

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No offensive threat

Casademont measured with the penultimate classified in Group A; a weak and brittle block in the prevention tasks that also shows a remarkable stupidity in his attacking actions (56.2 points per game). The Polish squad bowed the knee in five of its six games.

His only victoryand this happened on the third day against Sepsi (76-65), the team entered the last position in the table. On the other hand, Lublin comprehensively surrendered against Famila Schio (70-50), Valencia Basket (64-45), DVTK Hun-Therm (74-44) and Fenerbahce (50-85), and also lost the last game . week – this time at least -, at the court of Lyon, in his most recent performance (73-72). The main threats to Lublin are Australian Shyla Heal, who averaged 14.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game, and the Swedish Elin Gustavsson (12.8 points and 8.8 sacks per game)

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For its part, the Aragonese team beat Sepsi (85-57) in its Euroleague debut, and later shocked Asvel Feminin of Lyon (64-67), Valencia Basket (59-47) and Famila Schio (56 -51 ). And in losses, the Zaragozans kept their ambitions in check in victory until the last breath, first against DVTK Hun-Therm (66-63) and then against Fenerbahce (71-74), the great dominator in Europe.