Casares: Alarms are on just for you


The centre-back admitted that the team had dropped its level after winning the Apertura 2023 league title, but also justified the results.

inside America He assures that there is neither any alarm nor any concern due to the lack of victory and defeat in the two league matches. Concacaf Champions Cup In front of him real esteli,

uruguayan defender sebastian caceres It was emphatic when mentioning that “alarms don’t go off” and that this perception only exists in the media.

“This feeling is meant for you, but it’s not. We haven’t changed the way we work or anything. Those were specific errors, but they are things that can be corrected and it is not that we are going through bad times. “Maybe the moment didn’t match what we saw on the field, but I think we played good games, but we didn’t reflect it on the scoreboard,” the defender commented.

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The centre-back admitted that the team has dropped its level after winning the league title. opening 2023 But he also justified the results by mentioning that “there is no team in the world that has not lost or scored a goal in 100 matches.”

“I think it is normal that at some point a team loses or does not play well. This happens with all the teams in the world. The games are followed, the body is affected, we cannot be as sharp in certain situations,” he commented.

for its part, ramon juarez He agreed with his partner in defense and mentioned that Kaa could influence Azulcrema’s team by sharing the middle. Liga MX and tournaments Concacaf.

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“Yes, obviously the physical part will be reduced due to such a busy schedule. Then again, we know nobody cares about those excuses. In the end they want results and as players we must give our best and we have enough team to solve the tournaments and the coaching staff and physical trainers will adjust the loads and rotation to stay in the best physical shape and stay in full form. Know. Team without any casualties,” he announced.

juarez He explained that there is a demand within the organization and acknowledged that “you don’t win with a shield. There were inaccuracies and the respect the opponent deserves, no matter what it is, we know the demand, we have fans and we will try to return to winning ways to give them happiness.

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