Case of former PAISA senator Julian Bedoya: Academic community asks not to file proceedings for alleged fraud

Case of former PAISA senator Julian Bedoya: Academic community asks not to file proceedings for alleged fraud

An open letter signed by nearly 50 students, student representatives, assembly members and the community in general calls for “justice” in the case of former Antioquian congressman Julian Bedoya and Requests them not to file a case against him for the alleged cheating.

The letter comes two weeks after the prosecutor in charge requested the filing of the case, in which the former senator has reportedly been in the eye of the storm for the past three years. Manage a complete institutional fraud to obtain your diploma as a lawyer from the University of Medellin.

As it became known on April 4, the Attorney General’s office filed a request for embargo before the Bogotá Criminal Court, arguing that the evidence against Bedoya would not constitute a crime.

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“We received a request for restraint in the case of Julian Bedoya by the nation’s Attorney General, who received a file with a mountain of incriminating evidence collected by the Supreme Court of Justice. The actions of the prosecutor who recently arrived in the case are inexplicable, irregular and promiscuous, especially if we take into account the reconstruction of events carried out by the court over two years.”, stressed the academic community in a letter released to the media this Sunday, 16 April.

According to the document, there are several points that reveal worrying irregularities in the way the former senator obtained his university degree.

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To begin with, Bedoya’s re-admission to the University of Medellin would have been accompanied by a delay in official documents.

He was approved for re-admission to the university with an average of 2.7 in minute 1593 of September 27, 2018, when Bedoya’s application was filed on October 8 of the same year. How did the former general secretary approve an application? Not filed?”, the document says.

Furthermore, the students revealed that the money politician passed 11 sufficiencys, 4 preliminary exams and special exams in just 4 days, which was necessary to meet certain requirements at the time.

all this, “Made by jurors who weren’t even teachers in the fields they assessed, and whose written endorsements are nowhere to be seen. The Council of the University established that 9 examinations would not be valid”.

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For now, the final decision on whether or not to proceed with the case rests in the hands of a judge at the Criminal Court of Bogota. Said Togado will review the request of the prosecutor’s office on April 25.

“We respectfully request the court to decline the request for estoppel, and decide based on the evidence contained in the body of evidence maintained by the Supreme Court, which is compelling. We demand justice before a prosecutor who is acting against his duty and against the evidence,” he concluded.


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