Cases of rape from dogs growing in Mumbai, 4 cases in a few months: Taufiq, FIR on many unknown accused including Ahmed Shah

Cases of rape from dogs growing in Mumbai, 4 cases in a few months: Taufiq, FIR on many unknown accused including Ahmed Shah

At a time when women everywhere have started to speak openly against sexual atrocities, at that time there has been a poor trend in Mumbai. Recently, some such from Mumbai Cases have come to light Where the animals were brutally sexually assaulted. The vampires neither released cows nor dogs and flocks.

Talking about the last few months, 4 such cases have been reported from Mumbai. Where animals (especially dogs and dogs) were lusted on the streets.

20-year-old Taufiq raped a bitch

There is an incident of yesterday when 20-25 year old Taufiq Ahmed was caught on CCTV raping a bitch in Kalina, Santacruz, Mumbai. As soon as the matter came to notice, the police registered a case against him.

Savita Mahajan, president of animal rights organization Animal Rescue and Care Trust (ARAC), told the Times of India that she had lodged an FIR at the Vakola police station against the accused Taufiq Ahmed. The organization has also provided all the electronic evidence to the police, including CCTV footage of this criminal incident.

He told that private car is parked where the incident took place. Since there are many cars at a time, CCTV surveillance cameras were installed to prevent the theft of parts of the vehicles. In those same cameras Taufiq was found raping a bitch named Chino. He is a hawker who sells bread in that area.

After the FIR was lodged at the police station, the police went to his local address to nab him, but it was found that he had left for his ancestral house which is located in Uttar Pradesh. An FIR has been registered under Section 377 (unnatural sex) of the IPC.

Ahmed Shah rapes more than 30 dogs in Juhu area

Like Taufiq, a few days ago, the Mumbai police arrested a 68-year-old man for raping a bitch. The accused was identified as Ahmed Shah. He is a vegetable seller who lives in Juhu street. He was seen by an NGO Volunteer raping a dog. After this, a complaint was lodged at the police station.

In the investigation, it was found that Ahmed had raped about 30 dogs. He would do this work late in the night between 3 and 4 o’clock. First he would feed them meat of animals and then when he started eating it, he would stop and rape them.

The shameful thing is that the accused Ahmed has no regrets for his actions. He shamelessly confesses his guilt, saying that he feeds animals and the animals never refuse him to do so. This is not a crime.

8-year-old bitch raped in shopping complex

In October 2020, a bitch named Noori was raped inside the Galleria shopping complex in Powai, Mumbai, after which her condition deteriorated. She was later taken to the Animal Care Center, where Doctors told That an 11-inch wooden stick was found from his private parts, which was removed during treatment.

Bombay Animal Rights (BAR) activist Vijay Kishore Mohanani said on this, “On 22 October the locals informed us that Noori was found seriously injured in the Galleria. We suspect that some surfers who either work inside the Galleria or live nearby have committed such cruelty with a friendly dog. ” In this case, tell us that a case was registered against unknown people. Noori’s video went viral on social media in many places.

Daily laborer raped a bitch

After Nuri, a bitch was raped outside Nerul railway station. The accused was identified as Mahendra D Pawar. The CCTV footage of the station complex contained the entire incident, which was immediately sent to the Animal Rights Group after viewing.

PFA activist Vijay Rangerer told, “About a week ago (at the time of the incident), a late-night CCTV footage of our PFA Mumbai Unit-2 sexually abusing a female dog on the west side of Nerul Station Complex. Were sent to After this, he and his accomplice Aditya Patil reached the spot and inquired about the crime. Soon, they found out the accused Mahendra D. Pawar.

On investigation, it was found that the accused was a daily wage laborer who used to sleep at Nerul station. She was drunk and raping a bitch on the day of the incident. He told that Mahendra was out of his hold for some time. But later he was arrested with the help of locals.