Caspering and why it is used to leave a person, according to psychology

Caspering and why it is used to leave a person, according to psychology

Psychology says that Casper can be a good option to leave someone you no longer want a relationship with or someone you weren’t interested in having one in the first place.

Surely you have heard about Ghosting and you can still be a victim or a perpetrator, and you are sure to know that this is a practice that is becoming more popular and can cause a lot of frustration, anxiety, feelings of rejection, and not the most very option to leave someone.

No one is forced to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy or continue dating someone they don’t have chemistry with, aren’t interested in, or don’t see a future with, but that doesn’t mean you can go down the path of Ghosting just to escape from it or stop it leave a relationship. This may seem like an easy way out, but it is a practice that causes a lot of damage

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All you can do is take refuge in Casper which, as you can guess, is named after the famous cartoon ghost (or the iconic movie with Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, and Devon Sawa), Casper (or Gasparin in Spanish).

What is Casper?

According to Psychology TodayHE Casper, This is a polite form of Ghosting, where the process of leaving a person is very gentle and does not leave anyone without knowing what happened, if they did something wrong, or if that person they thought they were going back with someone. at one point.

“Casper “Aiming for a gradual weaning from communication with a potential romantic interest rather than a sudden disappearance acts to minimize emotional damage,” Jourdan Traverse, an expert social worker, says in Psychology Today.

According to the expert, what will happen to Casper that leaves room to recognize the intense emotions that occur during the process of starting a romantic relationship with someone, and what it seeks is to maintain respect for one and oneself, avoiding the humiliation of one or make them feel unworthy or unworthy. The idea is that both the dumper and the dumper feel good, or as good as possible, in the process and that it doesn’t seem like something too sudden or unexpected.

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The Casper has three important points that make it a better option than Ghosting.

The first point is that seek communication instead of silenceThe contact will not be cut off suddenly, but it will be gradual and lead you to be clear about your feelings or what you are looking for, based on the understanding that not wanting something with someone is not a reason to have a bad relationship. behavior or mistreatment. The second point is that it seeks to maintain the dignity of both people while leaving the relationship, to take the right steps to show respect to others, and, finally, it is also a practice that allows you to complete your process, to continue and decide calmly. what you want.

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What if He is glaring? It’s faster and easier, and it’s probably what you should do when you encounter a toxic, harmful, or destructive person, but if you just don’t click, feel an attraction, or can’t see a future with someone, then no reason. .to resort to it and better use the Casper so that the country also has time and space to overcome it and continue their lives without affecting their self-esteem.