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CCP is weak and its rule may come to an end with coming coup: Experts

A former British diplomat and China expert says the Chinese regime is not as strong as it has been shown to the outside world, and that many internal problems plaguing the regime will lead to its demise.

According to Roger Garside, author of “China Coup: The Great Leap”, these problems have been recognized by some high-level Chinese officials themselves, and they use a coup d’état to oust the current Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, to protect their own interests. Can lead. To Freedom,” in a recent interview on Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

“They can see, better than most people, that this regime is strong on the outside but weak on the inside. And it is in a state of political decay,” Garside said.

“And that the best hope for China, along with preserving its own wealth and power, is to lead a coup to remove Xi Jinping and launch China into a democratic transition.”

These problems are not caused by “external forces” or “anti-China forces”, which the Communist Party of China (CCP) often blames for China’s woes. Instead, the problems have been created by the communist regime’s own political system, a totalitarian dictatorship, Garside said.

“They [the Chinese regime] We are weak inside because there is a moral crisis in China. There is a system of corruption – from top to bottom, from left to right the system is corrupt. And I could go on, but the biggest area of ​​weakness, curiously enough, is the economy,” Garside said.

Moral decline in China began when the Communist Party of China (CCP) lost its moral authority after the Tiananmen Square massacre, according to Garside. To replace the lost authority, Garside said the regime launched “the world’s largest privatization campaign ever” to use “material incentives” to encourage people to remain loyal to the CCP leadership.

In June 1989, the Chinese regime ordered its troops to open fire on student protesters and unarmed civilians in Tiananmen Square. The CCP has denied launching violent action, and any discussion about the protest movement is considered taboo in China.

Anonymous sources within the CCP said that at least 10,000 people were killed that day, according to British cables and unclassified American documents.

“There is certainly moral degradation and moral emptiness; No trust, no truth,” Garside said.

Beijing’s privatization effort did not lead to a market economy, but to a command economy that paved the way for rampant corruption in China.

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“There is a lack of clarity of ownership over large state-owned companies in China today: who controls them, who actually owns them, even the private, who actually owns and controls them. It is all very opaque, and where there is ambiguity in economic and financial matters, you will get corruption,” Garside said. “And it allowed power holders at every level [in China] To become rich and powerful. “

In recent years, several high- and low-ranking CCP officials have been accused of corruption and embezzlement, as well as senior executives of China’s state-owned companies. One of the biggest names implicated in corruption was former security chief Zhou Yongkang, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015.

According to Garside, underscoring all China’s problems was its economy, which is not as strong as the Chinese regime has avoided.

“Since 2008, they, [the Chinese regime] It has relied on pumping billions of credits into the system to maintain artificially high growth rates. And this influx of money has led to a lot of distortion, false economic activity, non-economic activity and fragility within the financial system,” he said.

Garside said that instead of sitting on the side and waiting for political change in China, the United States and its allies should help bring down the Chinese regime’s Great Firewall, which blocks access to many foreign websites and social media sites. is.

“Communist rule is weak. But I do not believe that totalitarian rule will be destroyed only by the dynamics within China. I think it is absolutely necessary that America and its allies be aggressive.”

Because China and the United States are deeply intertwined, especially on the economic and social fronts, the United States cannot simply sit idle in the face of growing Chinese threats. “If we don’t retaliate against this ambitious and dangerous regime, we are going to lose our independence,” Garside said.

He said, ‘We cannot just sit and say that our right is on our side, we will do a better job of running our country. Yes, we have to do that. But we also have to find weaknesses. We have to educate our people about the danger that lies before us.”


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