CEG requested that Giammattei demand the resignation of Consuelo Porras

(Photo: Episcopal Conference of Guatemala)

The Episcopal Conference of Guatemala (CEG) asked Alejandro Giammattei to fulfill his responsibility and request the resignation of Consuelo Porras.

IN CONTEXT: Consuelo Porras returns and speaks out against the blockades that called for her resignation

Through a press release, the Episcopal Conference of Guatemala (CEG) asked the President of the Republic, Alejandro Giammattei Falla who is in charge of the inquiry Consuelo Porras, attorney general of the Public Ministry (MP) to present his resignation.

As mentioned by CEG, the latest events of blockade and demonstration of the country shows the dissatisfaction of the Guatemalan population and is “the result of the actions of State agencies, mainly the Public Ministry that, with the appearance of legality, is against the common good.”

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In this sense, the bishops asked Giammattei to fulfill his responsibility and, based on articles 1 and 182 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, spoke and demanded the resignation of Porras and his colleagues.

“He must speak in defense of the common good and that he attends to the cry of those who Revelation on the way and request the resignation of the Attorney General and head of the Public Ministry and with this his associates, executors of actions considered abuses and abuses of the electoral process, resigned. We believe this decision will reflect the true concern of a ruler who wants peace for his fellow citizens,” the statement read.

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Finally, the CEG indicated that they hope that their considerations will be taken into account.

(Photo: Episcopal Conference Of Guatemala)

(Photo: Episcopal Conference Of Guatemala)