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Celebrities who had cosmetic surgeries and never looked again: Their before and after

The life of celebrities is not easy when it comes to pressure to look good. Nowadays, beauty standards are not only a pressure for ordinary women in the world, it increases when there are more cameras and views.

This is the reason why artists, singers, influencers and famous women choose to get changes, but unfortunately not all of them do well and now they are not the same as before.

Whether they turn to Botox, hyaluonic acid, implants or other interventions, people notice that these celebrities are no longer what they looked like when they met them.

Courteney Cox

The Friends actress admitted that she regretted getting Botox because it affected not only her appearance, but also her facial movements and she acknowledged that she did it because of media and social pressure: “Being a woman in this industry is not the easiest thing in the world, but for me I learned a lesson,” he commented.

Amaia Montero

The singer, a former member of Van Gogh’s Ear, allegedly abused injections in his face and amazed his followers by looking completely different in his social networks.

According to a plastic surgeon, he believes that Amaia may also have resorted to a mini double chin lipo and a bichectomy (a procedure where the Bichat balls are removed to refine and profile the face) in order to styling her face.

Lindsay Lohan

Although the actress is known for having an angelic face, it was changed with a dermal filler on her cheeks, which gave the face volume, as well as a rhinoplasty where she wanted to refine her nose and a lip filler. Now the former Disney girl looks very different.

Lyn May

At the age of 70, Lyn May was known for various operations throughout her life, so new generations do not know what she looked like in her 20s.

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Before the operations, Lyn May looked very different and she took it upon herself to circulate photos from her youth showing how she used to look.

When she turned 30, the star underwent Botox treatment for expression lines, but was instead injected with car and cooking oil. “I looked in the mirror and I wanted to die,” Lyn said.


Even the queen of pop was not spared. The passage of time forced her to want to always look young and she became Botox’s best friend. She also did her chin and a little repair on her cheekbones which now makes her look completely unrecognizable from the Madonna known in the 80s.

The singer started to be obsessed with her body which is why her husband Guy Ritchie left her because of it and they even said that listing the requests she went through is like finding the Holy Grail.

Ninel Conde

Undoubtedly, Ninel Conde’s abundance and apparently repetitive aesthetic arrangements are among the most talked about lately.

The alleged abuse of aesthetic treatments caused the actress and singer to be criticized for her new look, because they said she no longer looks like herself.

Victoria Beckham

The ‘Spice girl’ removed her implants because they were not the same: “All these years I denied it (breast surgery) and it was a symptom of insecurity. Be happy with what you have,” she said. in a letter addressed to his 18-year-old self.

David Beckham’s wife also declared herself an admirer of aesthetic treatments and rejuvenation surgeries such as resorbable cheek filler, Botox and vitamins.

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Another operation he underwent was abdominal liposuction where they made a new navel.

Olga Tañón

The singer seems to be unrecognizable because he underwent facial rejuvenation and said that he also underwent a gastric sleeve operation to lose a few kilos.

Some believe that the singer was only recognized for his unique voice but he was “overwhelmed” by the arrangements.

Linda Evangelista

The beautiful model, recognized for having a great career in the late 80s and early 90s, was honest with her audience when explaining the reason why she ‘disappeared’ in 2021: “In all my followers wondering why I’m not working while my colleagues’ careers are on the rise, the reason is that I was brutally damaged by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure, which was the opposite of what was promised… It changed me permanently, even after two painful corrective surgeries. no success. They left me, as the press described, ‘unrecognizable’.


Influencer Araceli Ordaz, better known as Gomita, is one of the celebrities who does not hide her operations.

Gomita became famous in the Sabadazo program and boasted that she has gained a lot, the last gastric bypass was because she was trying to reach 60 kilos.

“This is my seventh operation. Although many thought that there were more, but no, he had previously only entered the operating room six times. At first, I had liposuction and breast implants. Second, liposuction and pump implants. The third is rhinoplasty and lipo, the fourth mouth and a lipotransfer, the fifth another lipo and the sixth is the removal of breast implants. I have never denied or hidden my surgeries and I share them, this is not to create false expectations among women who follow me that you can be skinnier without doing anything to yourself, ” honest he once in TVNotas when he showed us about his bypass.

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Some Internet users thought that her latest surgery “failed” because her stomach was “strange.”

Lucia Mendez

The actress admitted that she resorted to surgeries, as well as cosmetic treatments to look better every day. However, criticism has been showered on social media for her current appearance with these tiny arrangements.

“Of course I’ve made arrangements. I have never regretted any surgery; Well, maybe those with a nose were wrong at first and then it was right,” the diva once commented.

Donatella Versace

Since 2000, Giani Versace’s sister has been obsessed with cosmetic surgeries and although she started with some discreet touch-ups, she has had rhinoplasty, Botox on her lips, cheekbones, eyebrows and more, which now unrecognizable.

Lis Vega

The famous Cuban has attracted attention for the transformation of his body. In an interview, the actress and singer explained that she will undergo surgery every eight months.

Regarding the criticism, she said that she doesn’t really care, whatever her parents think, because it’s her body and she decides about it.

Among the surgeries she underwent are buttocks, breast implants, rhinoplasty, lips and cheekbones.

The singer had problems with her breast implants and said: “I changed my prosthesis twice, but I have a serious problem with this breast. It didn’t work for me. They even gave me a graft because it was not good. They gave me a prosthesis for a woman with cancer. Of this, I have had 10 operations.”

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