CHACO: Capitanich received the US Embassy and strengthened relations with the Chaco Government and Companies.


Chaco: Capitanich Received The Us Embassy And Strengthened Relations With The Chaco Government And Companies.

Captain Jorge Capitanich and Lieutenant Commander Analía Rach Quiroga received the Ambassador of the United States of America to Argentina, Marc Stanley, on Thursday. They had a protocol, a meeting with the provincial office, mayors and representatives, and another with representatives of the productive and industrial sector. The official visit takes place within the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Argentina and the United States.

Capitanich declared that the meeting was held to increase the nature of trade, to strengthen ties and cultural ties. “A great opportunity opens up part of the process that we, the leaders of Norte Grande, started together last year and are now working to make our way and establish our province,” he said.

The president also commented that Pacú Arrocero recently obtained authorization from Senasa to export canned pacú and pacú flour to the United States and Canada. “These two markets open to us and the prospect of developing the rice lake in the department of Bermejo, which can gradually reach 30,000, 50,000 and even 80,000 hectares, which means more investment and obviously the generation of more jobs; in addition to the integration with Formosa,” he explained.

They took part in the meeting with the provincial office of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Territorial Development, Marta Soneira; Minister of Government and Labor, Juan Manuel Chapo; Municipal Secretary Beatriz Bogado; the mayor of Barranqueras, Magda Ayala; the mayor of Machagai and the second president of the Federation of Argentine Municipalities, Juan Manuel García. In addition to the head of the Banco del Chaco, Federico Muñoz Femenía, Sebastián Benítez Molas, the provincial representatives Hugo Sager, Roberto Acosta and Luis Obeid and the national deputy Aldo Leiva.

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Soneira commented that in the meeting with the ambassador, progress has been made to reach an agreement on cooperation in areas to ensure sustainable development and organic food. “What are the great potentials that the Chaco has, we have raised: we will lead the potential in matters of culture and agriculture and in matters of environmental development and sustainability of the Norte Grande. The province is positioned as the best and biggest producer and exporter of organic honey and works with the production of sustainable foods,” he described.

They also emphasize the need to preserve and support wetlands and also in the different corridors that exist in the area, such as the dry corridors of the Chaco. “Stanly was very interested and he confirmed the possibility of writing a joint cooperation agreement to promote research, development and to strengthen the lines of action that we were able to generate from the province,” he commented.

Local governments and development

“The vision of the Ambassador of North America to Chaco is very important because it allows us to publicize all the potential to produce development that our province has, in each of our regions,” said Mayor Juan Manuel García, commenting on that special. the importance that the provincial government gives to the participation and connection of local governments with this fruitful development is emphasized.

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“Today, all municipalities need to be involved in the productive development of each area, to attract investment and create jobs,” he said. He described, for example, in Machagai, which is the town that produces the most carob furniture, the owner’s project of modernization of the material industry allows to diversify the use of indigenous furniture with designer furniture, which makes better use of the environment. ., and which, in turn, “has a great potential to export goods”.


The meeting with the productive area, business and industrial chambers of the Chaco, had the purpose of increasing trade between the two countries. The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of Employment of the Ministry of Production, Industry and Employment, Lucas Cepeda, the head of the Confederation of Argentine Medium Enterprises (CAME), Iván Bonzi, the President of the Chaco Foreign Chamber of Commerce, Pablo Staszewsk. In addition to the managers of the rice and cotton sector, among others.

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Cepeda noticed in the meeting the tools with which the Ministry of production could show the works, in addition to the industries that exist in the Chaco. He explained that it was a meeting where the private and public sectors met with the ambassador of the United States of America to work on a bilateral agenda that allows to continuously generate business opportunities, with the ultimate goal of generating more and better jobs to improve the quality of life. of and chaqueños

“They agreed on a work agenda so that we can continue to create new opportunities in the United States of America, which is an exchange that implies better competitiveness, with clear ideas of job creation,” Cepeda noted.

Iván Bonzi assessed “the potential development of the relationship between the two countries that the ambassador takes away”, especially considering the variety of things, such as food, technology, wood, cotton, oil, among others. Staszewski, in part, celebrated his meeting as the “Chaco” places one of the main destinations for Argentina’s exports.

“Very positive, the possible delivery of a mission to the United States of America before the end of the year was raised and an effort was made to strengthen the export of services or the production of cotton,” said Staszewski, noting that he could show the diplomats. the wealth of the province and its production.


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