Chama gave the first signs of his distrust of Luis Mateucci in Tierra Brava


Alexandra Méndez, better known as Chama in the reality show “Tierra Brava”, gave her first signs of distrust to Luis Mateucci last night after the Argentine kissed Guarén during an event on the Channel 13 program.

The Venezuelan showed his fear in a secret conversation with Fabio, where he explained that the ex of Daniela Aránguiz – who will enter the reality show in the coming weeks – is not sincere in his intentions towards her.

Chama’s comfort in Tierra Brava

“Did Luis kiss Guarén?” Chama asked the Spaniard, who without hesitation, assured him that Mateucci “yes, he kissed her. “It was small.”

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Although Alexandra wanted to downplay the importance of the kiss between Luis and Guarén, making sure that “he did it (doing a kiss on the side), but he didn’t give him anything,” in the end he acknowledged his concern about of the new interest shown by his inseparable companion in the young Chilean’s imprisonment.

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“If he does something, he will make sure that I don’t notice. And these days, I walked a bit and he said, x. I don’t believe him, but he told me ‘you have to trust me,'” the Venezuelan confided to Fabio, who even tried to call Mateucci a “fox.”

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“I told you to (…) be careful. I mean, enjoy yourself, but don’t be stupid. Here, I don’t even trust my shadow (…) here, sooner or later, they will all be ‘disgraced’. And he’s a wolf, I told you,” he said.

To end the dialogue, and while Luis sleeps without caring about the hair, Chama vents by making sure that if the Argentine wants to leave him for someone else, he has no problem leaving his relationship with her at home.

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“Everyone here scares me. I let him go about his business, but I saw he was also a fox. Then he comes, goes to the event, and starts flirting. I pretended that I didn’t notice, because I’m not stupid. I realized that it was Guarén who threw him. If he wants to go with Guarén, that’s his problem,” he said.