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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Chandigarh: Successful brain surgery of 16-month-old girl in PGI, brain tumor removed from nose

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Brain Tumor of a 16-month-old girl has been removed through her nose in Chandigarh. PGI doctors removed the brain tumor of 16-month-old baby girl Amaira through her nose (Nose). The girl is from Uttarakhand. This is the world’s first successful surgery done at a young age. The child had a tumor of three centimeters in his brain. The tumor was very large according to the age of the child. In 2019, a 2-year-old child underwent similar surgery at Stanford. The PGI team underwent surgery on the girl for 6 hours on January 6, after which her brain tumor was removed through her nose.

Amaira is completely fine now. The child has been discharged from the hospital today. The 16-month-old girl Amaira is originally from Haridwar. This girl was referred to the PGI of Chandigarh for treatment after complaining of not showing up. The child’s father, Qurban Ali, told that when Amaira woke up on the evening of December 20, her mother tried to give her chips. During that time, he realized that the girl could not see.

Brain tumor detected after CT scan-MRI

The girl was beating her hands here and there to catch chips. During that time she suspected that she could not see. After which the child’s CT scan and MRI were done in a private hospital in Haridwar. He was diagnosed with a tumor, after which he was referred to PGI Chandigarh. Bachchi’s father told that he had reached PGI only on 23 December. Here the doctors told them that surgery is the only way through which the baby can be cured.

Nasal brain tumor

Doctors told them that the baby will also be done through nasal surgery. Amaira’s father told the doctors to do whatever they want to do but their baby girl should be cured. Now Amaira is visible after surgery. The girl’s father said that due to the card of Ayushman Bharat, the entire surgery was done free of cost, in addition to the small expenses of medicines. They did not have to spend any money for this.

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