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Thursday, March 4, 2021

‘Chandrayaan-3’ will be followed by ‘Mangalyaan-2’ mission Leader

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has now announced the next plan for the Mars Orbiter Mission-2. Accordingly, another orbiter will be sent to Mars. Earlier, India had successfully launched Mangalyaan-1 on Mars. This was India’s first mission to send a spacecraft to another planet. Now, the mission ‘Mangalyaan-2’ will start after ‘Chandrayaan-3’, said ISRO chief K. Given by Sivan.

Asked whether the Mars-2 would be a rover or an orbiter orbiting Mars, Sivan said, “We are currently considering an orbiter mission.” ‘Mangalyaan-2’ will be the only orbiter mission. ‘Mangalyaan-1’ was launched in November 2013. It reached Mars orbit in September 2014. It was built to last six months; But now, in its seventh year, it is still active. The relatively low-cost campaign was successful in its first attempt. Currently, ISRO is focusing on Chandrayaan-3 and Gaganyaan missions. The Gaganyan will be tested in December this year. In the ‘Gaganyan’ mission, four Indian astronauts will travel in space built in India. Chandrayaan-3 could be launched anytime in the first half of this year. It will have a lander and a rover with an orbiter similar to the Chandrayaan-2.

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